This is one of the coolest tattoo ideas, made entirely in geometric shapes, it is a colorful design. While the fox is depicted in the usual reddish brown and white hue, it is the red flower at the bottom along with the golden yellow grain that frames it perfectly. Moreover, the purple-blue background highlights the creature as well!


This artistic depiction of the wolf is ideal for anyone with a colorful mind. The colors create a beautiful background and highlight the majestic fur of the fearsome creature as well. Moreover, it contrasts with the bare skin to provide a more realistic appearance, making it one of the best wolf tattoos for guys!


The wolf here is portrayed with the full moon in the background. This rugged and dangerous tattoo is perfect for any guy looking to get some some awesome ink. Moreover, done entirely in black, it stands out wonderfully against the skin. And the best part is that it doesn’t take up the entire back either, but just a top corner!


Fierce, dangerous, and utterly deadly, this tattoo depicts the wolf in all its glory. The open-mouthed face is highlighted by the highly detailed and dark fur, with the background composed of an intricate collage of flowers. This black-ink chest tattoo is the ultimate symbol of survival.


With a black background, the wolf here comes to life in gray fur. It ensures that he stands out, and is shown walking carefully and quietly. One of the most fierce predators of the night – he is out on the hunt, and is the perfect symbol of perseverance.


The green-yellow background only accentuates the lustrous black-grey fur of the wolf. It is one of the best tattoo ideas, as it depicts the majestic creature staring back calmly from the green-yellow eyes, yet never with his vision compromised, depicting the highest level of awareness.


When the full moon is up, the werewolves come out – and here are two of them ready to tear each other apart. With a yellow moon looming in the background, you can see the hair on the creature’s neck rise up. This signifies danger and depicts the wolf’s raw power.


A simple small back tattoo, this extremely detailed black ink design is perfect for some men. Forming a great contrast with the naked skin, it highlights the wolf as well.


This tattoo can give you goosebumps – with a wolf as dark as night snarling at someone, his paw rests on the head of a human skeleton. Done in black ink, it depicts a scene of utter devastation.


Contrasted against the black ground, the aerial view of the gray wolf is perfect for the back. For those who like the idea, it can also depict a set of vigilant eyes watching your back to ensure absolute protection!

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