Most people nowadays have tattoos inked in their bodies. When they go to get one they are driven by an inspiration or something that represents them symbolically. Some get inspiration from astrology to actually get a horoscope tattoo. Libra tattoos for men however are the most preferred zodiac tattoo designs of them all.

Libra in general is the seventh sign of the zodiac. It represents balance, a sense of fair play and harmony. Libra tattoos for men overtime have become very trendy and popular to many tattoo lovers worldwide. Colors and shadings that are favored can be used to create a beautiful effect. The tattoo can be inked in 3d which most tattoo lovers prefer and love.

The Symbolism of the Libra Tattoo

The symbolism of the tattoo originated from the Greek and according to their mythology, the Libra zodiac sign is related with the Themis goddess, who is one of the Delphi’s oracles. She is additionally considered to be the first among other gods to align people into upholding the laws.

In the Latin culture it is also related to Themis, the Lady Justice or Justitia, who is the goddess of justice. The image of Justitia who is holding the scales is a preferred choice for zodiac tattoos lovers. On the zodiac design the Libra is portrayed as a balancing scale. Being the only one with no human or having an astrological sign related to an animal the sign stands out from the other symbols. Sometimes in the tattoo designs a hand may be shown holding the scales.

The Meaning Behind Holding the Scale

The holding the scale is a symbol of a sense of balance or sometimes it can represent justice. This is due to the fact that the Lady Justice is shown holding the scales in her hand while blindfolded. To signify and impart justice based on the fact she cannot be swayed by what she sees when they are presented to her. It is also a belief that the people born under the sun sign always try to see the both sides of an issue in any situation. They have this believe that the world and everything in it should be symmetrical, have a fair chances and kindness is what balances the scale.

Whether you hold the same believes in this signs ruled by Justitia the goddess of justice, it impossible not to agree that all these things, one way or another, have an effect on your life. This is because we all need a sense of balance in our lives as we have to make crucial decisions by weighing the advantages and the disadvantage of any situation.

Check out the best Libra tattoos for men


This is one of the great libra tattoo ideas We’ve yet to see. It is set on the top of your finger. It’s the perfect scale design that fits perfectly on the top of the hand and rests gently on top of the finger. While the baskets are drawn empty they are also unbalanced but perfectly illustrated.


The unique libra tattoo idea is a centered scale with a sun on one side and its equal, the moon on the other creating perfect balance. The scale is very formal but detailed in design and shows intrigue realism. With or without coloring, this tattoo is perfection.


The tribal design of the center with a scorpion on one side and a horse head on the other makes this a perfect libra tattoo for men. The Ying and Yang in the center accentuates the entire design and ties it all together.


This tattoo has an arrow for the center and the half-moon on one side with a water symbol on the other makes this a good idea for a libra tattoo for guys. The hanging baskets have been replaced by circles the base also has three.


Having the center of this libra tattoo as an anchor is one of the great tattoo ideas for men. The hanging baskets are empty but that doesn’t diminish the look at all. The baskets are also shown to be swinging instead of just hanging, almost like the wind is blowing.


This back tattoo is one of the most basic tattoos ideas, but still one of the really good libra tattoo ideas. The scale design, however is detailed and almost regal in its design. Its appearance is very realistic. The very top of the scale seems to be holding a glass, only adding to it’s charm.


This is one of the really amazing libra tattoos for men that We’ve seen. With an angel on one side and the devil on the other making it just show how epic it is. With LIBRA inscribed on the base of this scale it just adds to the realism.


Having an unbalanced tattoo of the scale for libra is a unique take. With the heart on one side and a feather on the other and the design behind the entirety it will not go unnoticed. The background design is almost freeflowing.


The details and intricate manner of this makes it one of the great tattoo ideas We’ve seen for libras. Simplistic and yet very detailed scale design. With the inscription AEGIS’ at the top of the scale and minute detailing done to the base make this exquisite.


This almost full back tattoo for libra is astounding. The mostly leafless tree with the omega symbol is very detailed and the hanging pots on either side make it complete. The beginnings of the tangled roots are visable under the omega symbol.

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