The side tattoos for men are more defining than any other, and when drawn one cannot miss noticing the striking beauty of the rib tattoos.

As the name suggests, they are inked on the rib cage. It one of the most painful parts of the body to draw a tattoo but it is entirely worth the shot if you want it to be colorful, detailed, and more complex. Countless men have become thrilled with the rib tattoo.


Most Popular Designs of Side Tattoos for Men

The following are the top tattoos for the ribs in men:

Tattoo of Two Angels

Angel tattoos are very popular with men, and the designs customized and improved such that there are so many models of angels tattoo for you to choose what fascinates your imagination. The symbol of the two angels, one on the ground and another flying above the fallen angel is a masterpiece that takes it to another level. The idea originates from the Bible where God banishes Lucifer from heaven, and he becomes the fallen angel.

Dragon Tattoos

A dragon tattoo inked on your rib cage in a considerable size will give you a vibrant, colorful tattoo you are looking for, the designs developed are an absolute stun. The meaning of dragon tattoo is not settled yet to one because everywhere, and everybody has their explanation. However, the core meanings revolves around domination, strength, and defiance.

Snake Tattoos

It is undebatable that these are the most popular in men and if you are looking for a rib tattoo to portray your masculinity, this is the tattoo to go for. The meaning of the snake tattoos is endless since men draw different snakes on them from charm-filled, positive snakes to grimacing snakes. The snake tattoo you choose can either display both negative and positive ways.

The Malin

This one originates from Sweden. It merely looks like a infinity symbol and in the middle of it lies arrows. It is also a favorite rib tattoo among men because of its beauty when drawn in substantial size. The tattoo symbolizes that setbacks are a way of life and without them, it is not possible to move ahead in life.

The Sun

This tattoo is becoming increasingly popular among men globally; the sun is a symbol of life. As a symbol of life, it means that it is the life giver signifying rebirth and fertility. If you are changing your ways to becoming a new person, this tattoo on your ribs is an excellent way to show that mindset. It will also show your power and perseverance.


Whether it is a single star or several of them, they are elegant and masculine when inked on the rib cage. The stars are known to come from space, whereas we know there is unceasing darkness. The star tattoo symbolizes hope, spirit, truth and sometimes a religion. All these are significant traits that suit everybody, so it’s a good tattoo to get.


There is no way that this list can be complete without the wings tattoo. Men love this tattoo, and it is going to be so for generations. The Wings tattoo are a symbol of freedom, in a sense, that you are your master and no one should own you whatsoever. Men can draw this on their backs and on their rib cage too.

Roaring Lion

The tattoo drawn with a design of a roaring lion with a partial mane, it looks nice on the ribs, and it is a classy way for men to symbolize strength.

Skull Tattoo

This one is becoming increasingly popular in rib cage tattoo category. The meaning can be both positive and negative depending on the wearer, but people think of them as provoking. They symbolize death, power, and protection.

The Roman Tattoo

Made to look like the Roman statues and figurines, it is a fabulous tattoo for men since it also compliments the surrounding tattoos, and it symbolizes prosperity, knowledge, science, and politics.

What Will Your Side Tattoo Be?

The above list of tattoos that men get on their ribs is the most stylish while at the same time preserving your masculinity. They are also great for nonverbal communication of feelings and thoughts you might have towards anything. The pain is worth it because the results are breath taking.

Breathtaking Designs of Side Tattoos for Men


Side tattoos are a great way to tell a story and this one exemplifies that perfectly. It depicts the eternal struggle between good and bad in a mythical fashion. Featured here are an angel and a demon in battle. The tattoo is incredibly detailed and the subtle changes in shade give it immense depth.


This side tattoo combines many themes such as different elements of a desolate nature and the all-seeing eye that watches over all of the humanity. It continues upwards from the side all the way to the shoulders where it morphs into a wing. A great tattoo if you have an eye for detail and like complex imagery.


Few things can exemplify beauty as the beauty of women and this tattoo depicting a damsel is the perfect showcase of this fact. The various curves and tonal changes in this tattoo give it a very sophisticated look while the subject makes it very eye-catching and therefore a great side tattoos idea.


Penguins are considered to be an anomaly not only in the world of birds but also in the kingdom of living organisms. Hence, this tattoo consisting of two penguins is perfect for anyone who thinks that they are very different and unique and would like their tattoo to depict that. The crescent on the top adds a bit more finesse.


No list of side tattoo design would complete without a tattoo such as this one. Most manly men can relate to wild ferocious animals as a symbol of their manliness. It also signifies strength and courage and a willingness to face overwhelming odds. This incredibly detailed tattoo is both powerful and meaningful at the same time.


This is one of the best side tattoo ideas if you are into Japanese art and culture. It features a woman in a Kimono and a Pagoda in the background. It also incorporates vivid colors such as pink and red and that makes this tattoo very striking to behold. If you love the Asian culture then this is a great way to show your love.


Of all the side tattoos for guys out there, this is perhaps one of the most vivid and colorful options. It features a stork taking flight over what either appears to be drying foliage or crimson colored clouds. Either way, it depicts the need to rise above negatives and is a great way to spread a message of positivity.


Side tattoos for men are a great way to show off one’s personality and this image of a raging bull perfectly exemplifies the free spirit brimming with energy and strength that most men consider themselves to be. It is somewhat simplistic in its approach but the tattoo still packs in a lot of detail.


Birds of prey are one of the most majestic creatures on earth and this tattoo perfectly captures the essence of their personalities. At first glance, it looks like a splash of ink, but on closer examination, it is revealed that it is a lot more detailed and that a lot of skill has gone into its making. As such, it is perfect for anyone who wants a complex yet beautiful tattoo.


The manuscripts from the Asian continent have a sense of playfulness and artistry to them and this tattoo shows that beautifully. If you want a tattoo that does not take too much real estate but is still meaningful and mysterious at the same time then look no further.


It is said that eyes are the windows to a person’s soul. It is also said that wolves are the epitome of the lonely road men often find themselves in. This tattoo combines these two ideas perfectly. It also uses the skin tone as part of the tattoo in an ingenious manner making it one of the most sophisticated tattoo ideas for men.


If you want your tattoo to tell multiple stories at the same time then this tattoo will suit you perfectly. It features a ship and a beautiful lady holding a skull. None of these things should go together and yet this tattoo is able to do just that and that is what this tattoo signifies. Life is a beautiful amalgamation of many opposites.


Geometry and color are the two governing elements of this tattoo. It takes up a minimal amount of space but is still able to speak volumes. The use of rich shades of blue, green, red and purple are highly uncommon in the world of tattoos and is perfect if you want your tattoo to be really unique.


This is one of the most striking tattoos ideas you will ever find. While it only features a tree, it is so incredibly beautiful and realistic that beholders of this tattoo will be left mesmerized. The attention to detail is unmatched and the level of craftsmanship is amazing. This one is a true work of art.


This tattoo is a great showcase of what some simple colors and shapes, when put together, can achieve. It depicts buildings and a deserted street all painted in a hue of red and the whole image appears like it is a scene from some deranged dream. Get this tattoo if you like your tattoos to have a menacing edge.


An octopus on the face of it looks like an ungainly creature but it is one of the best escape artists in nature and also one of the most versatile and intelligent. If these are the qualities that best define you then definitely get this tattoo. It also does not take up to much space either but is highly detailed.


The first image that probably pops into most people’s heads when talking about nature is a forest covered with trees and leaping deer. This tattoo combines the two of them seamlessly. It is symbolic of our bond with nature and also how plants and animals are able to co-exist beautifully.


The ram is a symbolic part of most myths and cultures. This tattoo incorporates that with beads, flowers, leaves, and constellation in a very colorful yet somewhat unnerving manner. If you want a tattoo with a distinct edge to it then this is the one you should opt for.


This tattoo is like a poster of an old western classical movie. There is the roaring bear, a beautiful woman with scars, a rose with thorns, trees and a lot more. This tattoo reveals more details the closer you look at it and that is the charm of this beautiful tattoo. It is able to combine all these elements without appearing crowded.


This is one of the simplest yet powerful side tattoos you can get. It is simply a collection od semicircles made up of Xs. This premise is very simple and you can get this tattoo without having to endure too much pain or taking too much time and yet it is very striking and there is a grace in its simplicity.


If you love abstract art then this the tattoo to get. It shows a diver in ancient diving gear undertaking a deep dive. It represents the dive for either knowledge or the quest for inner meaning and is vague and yet detailed at the same time. If you have a clear idea of where to go but have no clue on how to go there then this tattoo will perfectly depict that conflict.


Angels have always fascinated mankind and they are usually depicted as lovely and graceful creations of God. This tattoo, however, depicts two of the manliest angels where one of them is taking flight while the other one is looking on. The attention to detail is exceptional and it looks more like a painting than a tattoo.


Another tattoo that uses the concept of less is more perfect. In essence it a depiction of an Arabic numeral but it uses lines and dots perfectly to make the tattoo look like it has been drawn with a paintbrush. A great tattoo if you want yours to be mysterious and delicate.


Foxes are not generally considered to be a very masculine animal but they are cunning and crafty and if that describes you perfectly then this tattoo will complement you nicely. The arrows in the mouth of the fox depict your many talents and the whole tattoo is very colorful and beautiful to behold.


This tattoo could be a great analogy of how even the biggest structures that man is able to erect will eventually fade away and that all that would remain would be the stars and constellations in the sky. It also beautifully forms a face using nothing but dots and lines and the combination of all of this invoke a powerful imagery.


The Koi fish is revered in many cultures and it symbolizes good fortune and prosperity. Whether you believe in this or not, this is a cool side tattoo to have. The fishes signify playfulness and grace while the backdrop signifies turmoil. The tattoo as a whole perfectly exemplifies human nature that requires you to rise above all the inner restlessness that is part of everyone’s life.


While most people will associate the philosophy of hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil with Gandhi, it is actually something he borrowed from ancient Hindu literature and this tattoo depicts the saying in its original form. The tattoo is very detailed and there is an incredible amount of depth in the tattoo.


Side tattoos can serve as a great storytelling tool and this tattoo executes that role perfectly. It is very simple in that it only consists of the different suites of a set of playing cards but it has a deeper meaning. It showcases the fact that life is a big game of chance and that fortune favors the brave. The alternate color choices of black and red also improve its appeal from an aesthetic point of view.


Side tattoo ideas can sometimes be very mysterious and yet carry a very deep meaning. This tattoo carries the Greek inscription ‘Tetelestai’ which means “It is finished”. This was the last words spoken by Christ and hence it represents a very significant time in history. The combination of red, black and violet makes this an eye-catching tattoo.


If you are looking for a side tattoos idea that has incredible depth and is also very meaningful in its symbolism, then this is it. It depicts an anchor lying on its side and signifies the need for a strong anchor or something that can hold you steady in the middle of all the tumult you might face in your life. It is monochromatic but very descriptive.


At first glance, this tattoo looks like a lion but on closer examination, this tattoo reveals that it is a lot more intricate and packs in a lot more detail. This is a great side tattoo for men as it is a celebration of those men who show a rough and gruff exterior to the world but below this exterior, they are made up of many complicated layers. It is also a great tattoo option for nature lovers.


The very scene of a ship being tossed by huge waves with rain beating down on it is enough to invoke a sense of adventure and perseverance. These are two qualities that many men can easily relate to and if you are one of those men then this tattoo will perfectly complement your outlook towards life. The ship, clouds, and waves are all very detailed and realistic.


Depending on which side of the world you are from, ravens are usually considered to be bearers of either good news or serve as a bad omen. This tattoo can be interpreted in many ways. The bird in flight could represent a need to rise above all negativities. The raven could also mean any one of the plethora of mythical and cultural meanings attributed to it.


The last thing you would expect inside a skull is the face of a beautiful woman. That is exactly what you get in this tattoo. It is inspired by Celtic art and is the perfect side tattoo design for those wanting their tattoos to inspire shock and awe in those who behold it. The attention to detail is very high and that results in a deeply textured tattoo.


There are many side tattoo designs out there that take inspiration from legends and myths. This one, however, is rooted in reality and depicts the blindfolded lady of justice. If you believe in playing fair and equal rights and despise favoritism and partiality, then this a great tattoo that echoes your sentiments.


If you are a fan of Rock music or modern metal music and are looking for a tattoo then this one definitely deserves a look. It depicts Jimi Hendrix, the pioneer in psychedelic rock music, and the abstract distribution of the red color perfectly showcases his intense yet out of place character.


If you like your art to be a bit macabre then this tattoos ideas inspired by Gothic art is the perfect complement to your likes. There are multiple skulls that have been drawn together in a highly artistic manner so that they look to be in perfect harmony, albeit in a very sobering way.


Usually, side tattoos for guys either take up a lot of space or end up being minimalistic in nature. This tattoo bucks that trend by taking up very little space while still being incredibly detailed. It depicts a rolling wave inside a circle and can denote either the power of nature or the effects of a strong willpower.


If you love Persian art – specifically those that consist of repeated patterns arranged beautifully around each other – then this tattoo is worth considering. It could be interpreted as depicting a Koi fish in all its graceful glory. It is a wonderfully artistic representation of nature and its unbridled glory.


Tattoo ideas for men generally rotate around few of the same general themes. This tattoo takes a unique approach by depicting a whale that is just about to surface. The body of the whale is further used as a canvas to depict beautiful scenery and some heavenly bodies. If you are versatile and like to be more than one thing at the same time then you should consider getting this tattoo.


This is a highly intricate tattoo that could be considered to be bordering on being too graphic. It depicts a reindeer that has arrows sticking out of its throat and is still able to keep standing. The tooth and the key hanging on its antlers also have deep cultural meanings. This tattoo is meant to be an inspiration to keep fighting in the face of overwhelming odds.


Otters are generally considered to be cute and cuddly. Their true nature has been depicted in this tattoo. Here an otter with an open mouth full of long canines is chasing after a fish. It depicts the cruel law of nature where even the most beautiful and majestic creatures can end up as food for other creatures. The use of color lends this otherwise dark tattoo some playfulness.


Snakes are the epitome of being adaptable and formidable in spite of having huge limitations such as not possessing any limbs. Here, a rattlesnake is denoted with its fangs exposed. The use of lines and curves is done in a very creative manner to produce an effect of motion. The tattoo is both realistic yet highly symbolic at the same time.


If you enjoy horror movies and stories then this tattoo will fascinate you immensely. It depicts a barren tree with multiple branches but no leaves and many ravens either perched on the tree or flying away from it. There is something beautifully haunting about this tattoo and if that is what you are looking for then go for it by all means.


One of the most often quoted verses from the bible is Psalms 23 verse 4 which is a confirmation of having faith that you will be able to come out unharmed even when walking through the valley of the shadow of death. It uses light and dark tones to brilliantly give it some depth without appearing too sophisticated.


Trees are generally symbolic of life but the tree depicted in this tattoo is the epitome of lifelessness as it is completely devoid of leaves and any other signs of life. Every branch, root, and even the bark of the tree is incredibly detailed and depicts the eventual fate of all mankind irrespective of the heights man is able to reach in his lifetime.


Few things can scream masculinity like the image of a roaring male lion. This tattoo comprises of just a lion head but the intelligent use of lines and shading not only makes the lion look very realistic but also gives it plenty of character and life. If you are a manly man and would like a tattoo that is as manly as you then look no further.


Sometimes the best works of art are the ones that are the most difficult to decipher. This tattoo also falls under that category as the tattoo does not have a single form and could be interpreted as pretty much anything that you can fancy. It is the perfect depiction of human life as it is also something that we have a vague idea about, but can never fully define.


If you are looking for a side tattoo that has been heavily influenced by Maori art forms then this is a great tattoo option for you. It uses overlapping lines and patterns neatly arranged around each other to come together beautifully to form a highly complicated tattoo that is somehow elegant to look at.


‘Simple is sophisticated’ is the motto behind this tattoo. It just uses 17 lines that weave around each other in such a way that the end result is spectacular. If you want a tattoo that has a certain charm and humility to it then you should definitely consider opting for this immaculate tattoo.