Tattoos are growing in popularity every day – and despite your mom’s earlier warnings, in 2017 even some of the highest-ranking professionals are sporting tats all over their bodies. But the increase in popularity doesn’t mean there are no bad or funny tattoos for men – in fact, the growing popularity in the world of tattoos has meant that alongside seeing tattoos getting better we’re also seeing an increasing number of funny and bad tattoos crop up.

From “camel toes” to third nipples – social media has brought the very best of funny tattoos right to our attention and the collection only seems to be growing. And whilst tattoos are popular with both men and women, it seems to be the men who opt for the funnier tattoos – whether that is down to bachelor parties, peer pressure or simply too much booze, we will leave you to be the judge.

If you’re the joker of your group, you might be thinking of getting a funny tattoo for yourself – they make for a great conversation starter in the bar, propel you to the center of attention at any good party and they even make a great icebreaker on those awkward first dates – but what are the best funny tattoos for men?

The Lawn Mower

Appropriate on any patch of hair, the simple stick man and lawnmower make for a great funny tattoo wherever he is placed – but bonus point for anyone who braves their baldspot.

Nipple Tattoos

For a body part that is seemingly useless, men sure as obsessed with their own nipples – and the collection of nipple tattoos online only highlights this. From “milk me” statements, to where’s waldo portraits – the men’s delicate nipple area is a favorite spot for a humorous tattoo.

Belly Buttons

Depending on how long it’s been since you had dinner, belly button tattoos tend to range from funny to downright disgusting – with everything in between. The favorite with funny men everywhere seems to be the cats bottom – with most belly buttons offering the perfect resemblance to a cat’s backside.

Left and Right

The left and right tattoos often found on people’s hands and feet are hilarious for another reason – the fact that the person with the tattoo still cannot work out their left from their right! Whilst not as traditionally funny as other tattoos, they’re sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face who sees them.


2016 saw an unexplained love for the moustache – with silhouettes being printed on everything from hand bags to t-shirts – and the love doesn’t end there. Moustache tattoos on the finger are a great way to make everyone around you smile – the hidden tattoo is concealed at all times – however when you point your tatted finger, and raise it above your lips – you have your very own portable tash, before for those of you who can’t grow your own.

No matter what sense of humor you have, a funny tattoo never fails to make everyone laugh – and it’s a joke you’ll be able to take everywhere you go!

Check out the best funny tattoos for men

A hilarious tattoo on a balding head of an aging man with an image a person mowing what seems to be the remaining hair particles. This funny tattoo image creates awareness of receding hair in old people in an engaging and highly hilarious way.

This comical hand tattoo of a funny-looking young girl on one hand that appears to be holding a piece of rope that is tied up on the neck of a guy on the other hand provides a hilarious way of looking at the effects of separation. Separating the two hands tightens the rope that consequently chokes the guy.

A funny sports tattoo depicting the Oregon Duck mascot. The colorful figure of Disney’s Donald Duck image looking happy and encouraging on this tattoo brings about an amusing feeling that you need when supporting and cheering your favorite University of Oregon Ducks team.

Another funny tattoos idea involving ducks, this colorful tattoo on both laps is hilariously charming. The words ‘Hey You’ and ‘Who Me?’ on just below the images help in making this tattoo more amusing. It is one of the common funny tattoos that look good on both men and women.

A creative funny tattoo design of a giraffe stretching out its neck to reach the nipple, this tattoo idea is simple but still brings out a comical effect when you look at it. The giraffe covering much of the rib area reaches out to the nipple just like it reaches out for leaves on trees for nourishment in real life.

A scary but funny-looking tattoo of a bat flying away with a blood transfusion bag provides a no-nonsense image to the tattoo wearer that will surely scare off any potential bullies. The scary image makes the tattoo wearer look tough in a funny way.

This simple funny tattoo image of a mustache on a finger brings about a hilarious feeling especially if you put the finger just above your lips with the image looking like real mustache. It is a simple tattoo design that can also look funny for women.

Looking like one of the undemanding funny tattoo ideas for men, this tattoo design involves engraving your to do list on your hand. Although you might look seem you are losing your head to have a to-do list tattooed on your hand, the main reason to have this image is to elicit laughter to anyone who sees it.

A funny tattoo image of a colorful horn-bill on top of a weathercock is hilarious given that these wind direction instruments are usually constructed with an image of a rooster on top of the actual wind vane. Replacing the rooster with a horn-bill looks amusing for the tattoo design.

This tattoo image of a smiling hare looks attractive from a distance due to the bold colors. The image of the cunning hare can be used symbolically to show how astute the tattoo wearer is in making decisions and avoiding troubles.

This funny chest tattoo of a penguin holding a rifle is simply done and amusing to look at. The simple image, although not so much colorful, still manages to bring a smile to your face the moment you look at it.

A funny tattoo design of a military chain inscribed with the words, “Made in China” looks good on your hand. The hilarious image can help make your friends smile even when they are not in the moods.

This chest tattoo with written words rating your stamina and other traits is funny given that the rankings are provided in a way that will leave wide smiles to anyone reading them. This tattoo covers the whole area across the chests and is one of tattoo ideas for men that do not require elaborate drawings.

An attractive tattoo of eyes on middle fingers provides a hilarious look to the wearer when he places the fingers around the eye area. This funny looking image can also provide amusement if a woman has it on her fingers.

An image of a bar-code with the words, “Made in China” engraved on it is a funny men tattoo idea that can easily change the mood of anyone who sees it. Placed at the back of your head, just below the hairline, this tattoo image implies that the wearer was made in China and might therefore not last long just like Chinese products.

This funny image of what looks like a smiling robotic animal is perfectly placed at the joint where your forearm joins the rest of your hand. The colorful image is delightful to look at and have a quick change in moods to be happier than you were.

A simple funny tattoos idea involving a hat and a mustache, reminds you of the infamous comedian Charlie Chaplin. The funny character was famous for donning a top hat and a trademark mustache in all his comedy films.

This complex tattoo of a cowboy shooting at his own shadow is hilarious to look at given that the cowboy is standing on one pair of the leg while his shadow is spread between the two leg pairs. The image is a parody of the famous cowboy action films that were common at the latter years of the 20th century.

This colorful funny tattoos for guys image shows a muscular kid who probably is using steroids to gain quick muscles. The funny image shows the young kid flexing his muscles and is amusing to look at.

This tattoo idea depicts a fish munching on a huge toast of bread. The funny looking image is engraved on the tattoo wearer’s skin in a simple way but still brings about amusement in a big way.

A colorful chest tattoo of birds flying high in the blue sky while wearing head helmets and other flight-assistance items is humorous and can help bring about a happy mood every time you look at it. The colorful image is more complex than most other tattoos but is unique to the wearer and can help him create his own distinctive tattoo identity.

Simple tattoos ideas like this one depicting a snail moving on your leg provides a hilarious side of your lifestyle that maybe most people do not know about. This simple tattoo on your leg will leave people asking so many questions on what were you thinking by having it engraved on your skin.

This unique tattoo depicting a well-known cartoon character in TV shows provides a funny way of showing people that you are not always that serious. People familiar with funny cartoon characters such as Donald Duck, Popeye and The Flintstones can have their images inscribed on their bodies just like this funny tattoo image.

A tattoo idea of a bar-code with the word, “Priceless” on the bottom of the code lines provide a hilarious way of showing how precious you are as person. It is a simple tattoo that has a deeper meaning that anyone looking at it will have to think about and figure out just after smiling at its hilarity.

This hilarious tattoo of a person driving, using the nipple as a steering wheel, provides laughter at first sight. It is a simple tattoo image that can make people around you afford a smile if not laugh out loud at first view. This image is one of the many funny tattoos for men that involve the nipples and the surrounding chest area.

Here’s one for all of you beard lovers out there. This tattoo perfectly fits among funny tattoo ideas for men. It depicts the face of a man, tattooed on the back of the head of an another man. Back of the head is shaved, but the lower part is left to look like a tattoo has facial hair. The contour of the face is done in black and white, while the eyes are colored blue.

This funny tattoo uses a man’s foot as a canvas for a hilarious illustration of a famous Futurama character, Zoidberg. Smaller toes serve as Zoidberg’s nose tentacles and the big toe depicts his mouth and neck. The tattoo is done in character’s original orange-ish color.

This tattoo shows us a beloved Disney’s character, Stitch (from Lilo & Stitch) tattooed on a man’s forearm. The tattoo is done in character’s original blue color, with the inside of ears colored pink.

Have you ever thought about doing a tattoo, but you haven’t done it because you feared that you might regret it later? Well, fear no more, as irony cures all regrets. This rather ironic tattoo is a great tattoo idea for guys. It is basically a hexagonal-shaped tattoo with a label ‘Test Tattoo, Please Ignore’ written inside.

The owner of this funny tattoo wanted to show us that he is a true poet, and he did so by tattooing what we believe is his own poem: ‘Roses are red, My name is Dave, This poem makes no sense, Microwave.’ Hilarious, right? Good job, Dave!

Here’s a funny tattoos idea for guys who thought that it’d be great to tattoo the name of an ex-girlfriend. The owner of this tattoo tattooed a big stamp which says in all caps ‘VOID’ over what we presume is his ex’s name.

Here’s a really funny tattoo design which shows us that, instead of holding on to an old accident, we can turn it into a funny joke. The owner of this tattoo tattooed a sign ‘Gone to market’ above what used to be his big toe.

The owner of this tattoo showed us that a man should try to smile just about anything. The loss of his left leg didn’t stop him from doing a really funny tattoo which says ‘One foot in the grave…’ on this other leg.

Oh, the irony. What we have here is a plan gone wrong. Or is it? The owner clearly had a funny idea and tattooed ‘PLAN AHEA’ on his fingers. We guess he should’ve ‘planned ahead’. Get it? Get it?

This tattoo is perfect for all you ‘against the system’ kind of guys. Opposing the convention of employers not employing candidates with visible tattoos ideas, this guy tattooed the word ‘EMPLOYABLE’ on his neck, which was still a visible place when we last checked.

Don’t you just love a good irony? The man on the photograph tattooed tattoo on his arm. ‘Tattooed tattoo? That is grammatically incorrect!’ Well, it would be if the owner didn’t literally tattoo the word ‘tattoo’. Brilliant, just brilliant.

Remember when cameras used to have film in them. Well, this tattoo’s owner clearly does, as he tattooed a rolled out camera film on his forearm. This tattoo idea is perfect for old-school photographers who want some kind of a reminder from good old days. Also, ISO 400? Nice!

Here’s a one for all you Star Wars nerds. What we have here is a depiction of everyone’s favorite bounty hunter, Boba Fett, with Han Solo frozen in Carbonite on his chest, done on a man’s arm. If you don’t understand what we just said, go watch Star Wars, you’ll thank us later!

Wouldn’t everyone love to control a body using only buttons? The owner of this tattoo thought of a funny tattoo design and tattooed an on/off switch, play and stop buttons on his forearm.

This tattoo depicts a girl sitting on a box, holding a balloon. The tattoo is done in pure black and white colors, with only balloon and stripes on girl’s shirts done in red.

Here’s one for everyone who likes the classic Converse Chuck Taylor’s. Instead of having the Converse logo printed on the sneakers, the owner showed some love to the brand by tattooing the logo on both ankles, right above the sneakers.

Everyone likes pizza, that’s a fact. But, there are some who like it more than everyone. Our tattoo owner here wanted to express his love for pizza by tattooing ‘I love pizza’ using heart and pizza illustrations.

What we have here is a man who likes to express his likings by tattooing them. He tattooed a what appears to be a futuristic, possibly sci-fi type of gun on his forearm.

Here’s one for all you photography geeks. What a funny tattoo idea for guys who are into photography! This man tattooed the word ‘smile’ on the finger which he uses for taking photos. Nice!

This man tattooed a walking pencil on his arm. The drawing part of the pencil is creating a path, while the erasing the path behind the pencil, which serves as a metaphor for creating your own path in life and leaving the past behind you.

The owner of this tattoo had a funny idea of tattooing the word ‘CREATIVITY’ on his forearm. Beneath the word is printed: ‘the mind. the adventure.’ These phrases describe creativity in a nutshell, in our honest opinion.

This tattoo shows us Sully and Boo from Pixar’s hit movie, Monsters Inc. The tattoo is done over the entirety of owner’s back, and it’s in full color.

Here’s one for the fans of the cartoon sailor and strongman, Popeye. This tattoo uses owner’s forearm as a base for representing Popeye’s signature treat, his massive spinach-induced forearm.

The owner of this tattoo wanted to show some love for the ghost from Super Mario Bros. franchise. Not a usual Mario-themed tattoo, but it’s a really funny one.

One of the funny tattoos that shows us a minion from the popular cartoon Despicable Me, dressed as Dr. Sheldon Cooper, the main character from the hit series The Big Bang Theory. Underneath the minion is Sheldon’s famous catchphrase – ‘BAZINGA!’

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