Marvel superheroes are the worlds most loved animated powerful men and women. They have a tremendous fan following, from children and adults alike. Everyone loves superheroes and we have all grown up reading them in comic books or watching them take on the bad guys on TV and in the movies. As far as marvel tattoos for men are concerned, there are no shortages of amazing designs of the superheroes ranging from Ant Man to Spider Man available.

Superheroes stories are filled with action and adventure in which the protagonist is called upon to defend innocent people with some form of super natural power that was gifted upon them in order to overcome the antagonists. Essentially, superhero stories are about the struggle of making decisions in life, good over evil, the weak and unsure transforming into the strong and confident, striving for an honest identity or the realization of self. In the comic books the superheroes also have to deal with common issues men have to face day to day such as who to trust, allies that turn into enemies, how the good guy always get the girl in the end and how they have to combine their real life responsibilities’ with all the other aspects of life they feel like they were destined to accomplish.

Men can relate to this in their own lives as they are usually seen as the bread winners, the ones to make the final yet hard decision that can impact many people’s lives and are always called upon to be the strong leaders in almost all situations.

Most of the time, especially for men, inking a superhero onto their skin is just for fun but for others it represents part of their childhood and they prefer to ink extracts from their favorite comic strip that they grew up obsessively reading.

Tattoos are also favored by men for making a fashion statement. Marvel tattoos for men are a great way to express a unique and individual style and tattoos are considered a form of body art. From full body to just an arm tattoo or creating an electric mix of color and shapes, tattooing their bodies is a way to define their own everlasting style.

Men tattoo themselves to mark a significant aspect of their personalities and character. They believe superheroes like Captain America represent their own courage and strength and they opt to ink their bodies with these comic book legends, to give other people a visual symbol of how they see themselves. Everyone knows tattoos hurt and they are permanent, so it only makes sense men choose tattoos that are personal, one they can live with the rest of their lives and represents who they truly are and how they feel.

Superheroes are loved by all and everyone can relate to them in one way or another. Marvel tattoos for men are one of the best ways men choose to show their passion for their beloved and most relatable comic book icons. From single portraits, comic book strip designs or a mash up of all the heroes, there are numerous creative ways of inking their bodies.

Check out the best Marvel tattoos for men


This marvel tattoo design of your favorite superhero, Wolverine or Spiderman, perfectly placed on your arm can be used as a source of encouragement and bravery during hard times. The size of the tattoo also shows your love and great admiration for the Marvel character.


This arm tattoo of a colorful Spiderman character of the infamous Marvel Studios signifies versatility and heroic ability to tackle life hardships as they come. The colorful image stretching from upper to lower arm area is highly visible and can be used for show off purposes.


A scary upper arm tattoo of a Marvel character with a wide-open eye is a sign of lethality. The wearer probably wants to send a message that he is not scared of anybody and that anyone who messes with him will curse the day he was born.


This sizable Marvel tattoo of the Spiderman is flashy enough to show your love for the superhero and to some extent illustrate your bravery traits. The tattoo can also be used to inspire those who want to do good by helping those in vulnerable situations.


Super-villain Marvel tattoos idea such as this full arm image of Thanos is uniquely designed for the bravest of men. This scary tattoo is for tough souls who want to look intimidating from a distance and hence scare off possible attackers.


A back tattoo of possibly all the Marvel heroes and villains is not only colorful for your body, but can also be used to show your unprecedented fascination with the Marvel characters. The tattoo also signifies diversity and ability to tackle challenges in different ways.


Unique Marvel tattoo ideas covering the whole body such as this Captain America design is a great show of courage. The wearer of such a tattoo also reveals a lot about his obsession with the Marvel character.


This simple lower arm tattoo of the spider is not only attractive from a distance, but can also be used to show agility and versatility in handling challenges just like the spider. Although the image is not as colorful and lively as it should be, it still passes on the message of multiplicity and contentment for the wearer.


Although this chest tattoo of the Spiderman looks scary from a distance, the image itself is heartening and inspirational for individuals in need of encouragement. The scary design is meant to drive away hardships coming your way.


A colorful back tattoo of a creepy squid challenging the Spiderman signifies determination to face challenges without fear. The large size of this Marvel tattoo idea for men makes it visible from a distance and is a how of strength of will.

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