While most people do not apprehend how authoritative rose tattoos can be, rose tattoo designs are actually the most celebrated among teens. Rose flowers are not as feminine as most people might think. Rose is a symbol adorned by powerful men including sailors taking in the rough seas and soldiers struggling in the battlefields. In the Roman Empire, roses were used as a symbol of bloodshed while in the Greek mythology, rose symbolized immortal love after roses grew from Aphrodite, the Greek goddess’ pool. And in Tarot, playing cards from the 15th century, roses were used to symbolize optimism and fresh beginnings. So for those who have been looking for tattoo ideas, Rose tattoos for men can just be a perfect inspiration for the next tattoo.

Rose Tattoo Meanings

World over the red rose is known to be a symbol of love and has been largely used in expressing such themes as passion, romance and sexuality. Men can choose to ink their bodies with images of this deeply passionate symbol to bring out different meanings. While sailing, most sailors could bare rose tattoos on their arms as a reminder of tranquility during the rough and troublesome times at sea. And with the current trend in rose tattoos, the designs for men vary with religious symbolism, designs combining love and death themes as well as designs symbolizing, farewell and memory of a loved one.

Which Are Some Of The Popular Rose Tattoo Designs For Men?

Rose tattoos for men usually come in different designs each of which the wearer can relate the meaning. Men can choose to have red or black rose tattoos or go for a combination of both colors. Moreover, anyone wishing to put on a rose tattoo can decide to combine it with other elements or images like skull, compass, tribal themes, star or a rose with thorns. One can think of any combination so long as it remains meaningful and visual appealing. Ideally, what stands between a person and his incredibly looking tattoo is his imagination.

Which Part Of The Body Is Ideal For A Rose Tattoo?

When it comes to rose tattoo placement for men, the choice is almost endless. You can choose to show love and peace by putting a splendid rose tattoo on the forearm, black ink rose on the upper sleeve of the arm or try a rose flower neck tattoo, shoulder tattoo or back rose tattoo. A reasonably sized rose tattoo can also look great on the chest, upper back and even foot. So long it keeps up with the desired theme or combines well with other elements, a rose tattoo can be put anywhere on the body. But for the working class, putting wearing a tattoo on the neck or wrist where it is easily can cause trouble because most employers do not usually welcome tattoos too well. But that shouldn’t be a deal breaker. There’s always that single body part where a rose tattoo can always look amazing: the upper arm.


Just like other tattoos, the rose tattoo designs are plenty and one can explore them and make some additions to any original design for the desired to message to come forth. For someone who’s putting a rose tattoo for the first time, carrying out extensive research can help the person getting more elaborate ideas before settling on an ideal design. Otherwise, there are plenty of rose tattoos for men to explore and the local tattooists can help in ensuring the image comes out perfectly as desired. And the best thing is rose tattoo designs are not that complex so anyone should really worry about digging deeper into the pocket before getting one on the body.

Check out the best rose tattoos for men


Yellow roses create a warm feeling and gives joy, and there are two of them in this masterpiece of a tattoo. A rosebud is on top while one in full bloom is at the bottom of a stone scribbled with “Grandpa” in exquisite lettering.


Layer after layer of petals bloom into a beautiful flower that seems to be glowing amidst the darkness of splattered black ink in the backdrop. The vivid red rose looks realistic with its luxurious velvety texture with the perfect blend of black and red shades.


While a bold and vibrant-colored flower looks very attractive, this black and grey rose tattoo is strikingly beautiful as well and makes for a timeless classic. The arrow, moon, and other shapes and patterns give more meaning to the object.


Two roses in full bloom present delicate petals one on top of the other, resting upon a thick growth of finely drawn leaves. A ribbon with a quote is wrapped around the stems and the whole image is filled with dark textured shades.


One of the most significant rose tattoos idea is this image incorporating a compass and a rose, which could mean that a person has finally found love. The picture serves as a reminder of this wonderful thing, which has been inked on the body to remain forever.


Elegant and classy in black and grey shades, this rose tattoo has grown from small bud to a full-bloom flower. Its soft and curvy, rounded form stands out right at the center of the surrounding leaves possessing intricately illustrated veins and thorns.


Amidst the darkness of shadows and long thorny vines crawling on the arm and hand, the brightness of a rose radiates stunning beauty. The rich and thick dainty petals with morning dew have been delicately crafted into place over glossy leaves.


A quote in script writing traces its way around the wrist and is matched with the beauty of a rose. The flower is inked on the back of the hand wherein droplets of water formed on the petals of the rose enhance the tattoo image.


Covering the entire surface of the back is a majestic and awe-inspiring picture of an enlarged rose with morning dew drops. This timeless rose tattoo design is a true masterpiece, arriving in classic black and white with unique circle highlights in the background.


Roses are red, and vivid, vibrant, crisp, clear, and utterly attractive in this amazing tattoo. Red and black tones dominate the picture featuring a big rose clinging onto an ornate, glossy blue solid anchor as its leaves and stems entwine with the rope.

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