Hummingbird tattoos are some of the best tattoos of all time thanks to their attractiveness and beauty enhancement. People seeking for these tattoos normally do so due to the beauty of the tattoos plus they can also be done in eye-catching and charming designs wherever one chooses to wear them. Hummingbird is one of the most popular birds when it comes to tattoos and the bird is always appreciated for its cuteness even in the natural. Hummingbird are symbolic in different cultures thus making hummingbird tattoos a popular choice for many.

Significance of hummingbird

To begin with, hummingbirds are considered to be the only birds capable of flying backwards. There are different species of hummingbird and some of these are capable of flapping their wings for an average of 90 times within a single second thus making it easy for them to float in mid air. This makes it possible for them to feed on the nectar found in the beautiful flowers of the field using their long, thin beaks which can gain deeper access into the flowers.

Those who opt for hummingbird tattoos for men normally appreciate the uniqueness with which the birds are considered to have in attracting the opposite sex. The fact that hummingbirds can fly backwards also makes them symbolic of the ability to overcome difficult situations. Other meanings associated with hummingbird include peace, hope, charm, love, and joy. Hummingbird tattoos can be worn to represent unfailing effort, vigor, handwork and energy. Those who wear these tattoos always depict great efforts to achieve something or do a job excellently. Hummingbirds also travel alone most of the times and thus can be used in tattoos to represent independence and freedom.

Hummingbird tattoo ideas

Hummingbird tattoos can be designed in a number of ways depending on the message you want to portray. For starters, they can be combined with other symbols such as loyalty, renewal, peace or be done in pairs especially for two people who are in love and seeking to symbolize their attraction and happiness with each other. However, when it comes to hummingbird tattoos, the most important factors to consider are always their placement and hues to be used. If you are planning to wear a huge, eye-catching hummingbird tattoo, the best place to do it will be on your thighs, chest, sleeve, back, stomach or leg. However, a small, attractive tattoo can be put on the ears, wrist, neck, nape, upper back or on one of your fingers.

You can have tribal hummingbird tattoo, feeding hummingbird tattoo or hummingbird on flight.Unique hummingbird tattoos for men are normally done in 3D, watercolor and geometric effects but the color selection should be done creatively. In most cases, these tattoos are done in yellow, pink, green, orange, blue or any other bright hue that reflects beauty and pure beauty. The tattoos are normally done to make the bird look as though it is flapping its wings or flying.

When you want to have a tattoo, the most important aspects to consider should be the competence and skills of the designer. You want something that will look gorgeous considering that the tattoo will remain with you for long. Always check different inspirations to see what really captures your attention before wearing any.

Check out the best hummingbird tattoos for men


Black ink stylized dual humming bird tattoo spanning either side of the chest. There is an extensive use of dark lines and shading with high definition of the edges giving it a casual style that makes it a great choice for guys.


One can never go wrong with color. This arm tattoo is skilfully splashed with color from hues of blue to a fiery orange incorporated with black and white. The artist gives the bird a fluffy feel by use of a soft transition on the feathers. The bold dark lines running from the top to bottom create a perfect illusion of the horizon. The whole design is quite fascinating and utterly irresistible.


This breath taking design features a humming bird gracefully flying along a distinct black wave that is randomly adorned with a splash of color. The vibrant choice of color running all the way down to the mass of tail brings out the life in the adorable bird. This tattoo design would be a perfect fit for independent personalities.


For guys seeking half-sleeve hummingbird tattoo designs that are conversation starters, well, this would be it. The dash of color in particular is so spectacular one would be drawn from miles away. The combination of elements is quite thoughtful as well as symbolic.


Red and black never disappoints. Well, this is more than just the color. The quite versatile piece covers the back area making good use of the space to showcase pure mastery of art. Exceedingly beautiful, the multi-element design featuring twin air-bound hummingbirds and flowers are not only visually impressive but also bear a range of symbolism. For the strong and proud guys with the art of charm, this piece should be literally behind you.


There is no doubt that flower and bird tattoos are the most commonly preferred designs globally therefore when it comes to picking a unique piece it becomes difficult. This design idea for men would be a perfect choice. It is simply sophisticated adorned with detail from both of the elements that blend together to form a timeless piece of art. The color in particular compliments skin complexion and looks spectacular where it is worn.


A deep dark design can at times stand out more than an elaborate design. If skilfully placed as this two in-flight birds, they become very elegant. Minimalist designs like this are surrounded by an aura of mystic that most guys appreciate to wear.


This tattoo design has a perched bird with a key around its neck. The key could be symbolic for hidden secrets, luck and usually couples would go for identical tattoos with one having the key and the other with the lock symbolic for love. The sharp transition between the shades on the bird enhances illusion of texture and heave and presents a stunningly beautiful work of art.


This eye-catching tattoo design of a bird flying expresses complete freedom and energy. The beauty of this design lies in the choice of color scheme that plays with the blue, green, yellow and red with white quite skilfully. Its simple nature suits any gender but would definitely add some attitude to a guy.


A couple of hummingbirds are a symbol of love and togetherness and the artist could not have picked a better location to place them. The dark and grey colors are placed in such a way that they enhance the feather details to great precision. The simplistic tattoo is indeed a great choice for the love messengers.

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