Love is undoubtedly the greatest of all human emotions. People like expressing their feelings for those they care about in different ways. It is therefore no surprise to find people tattooing their bodies with different love tattoos. Love tattoos are with no doubt a great way to express love to a person. There are different cool tattoos that people ca tattoo on themselves. A great tattoo has the ability to bring out deep love feelings that one may wish to express to those who they love.

Why Are Love Tattoos Popular?

Different love tattoos will depict different love feelings some of which include faith, hope, trust, deep passion, friendship, devotion and even at other times inspiration. People will use different tattoos to express love to different people not only their lovers. It can also be done for a family member like a brother, sister, mother or even a father. One could also use it to express their love for a best friend or any other person that they truly care about.

Below are some of the most common love tattoos that are used by most people. For those that are unsure of what tattoo designs to use, the following are some great ideas that one may want to consider:

Heart tattoos

The heart is the universally accepted love symbol. Artists use the heart to express feelings of love. It is therefore a great tattoo to show one’s feelings of love for another. For those people who are a couple, two intertwined hearts are a great way to show how close they are to each other. It is therefore good to tattoo two hearts instead of one as a symbol of one’s love to another. There are those that extend the love beyond a human being to even love for their God.


Flowers in particular roses are another great way of representing love and compassion for those that one cares about. Roses speak volumes of one’s love to another. A rose is the most romantic flower that people know about. Tattooing one on your body is therefore a great way to express love for someone special in your life. There are those who are bold enough to even tattoo the name of the one they love. If you are this kind, then why not?


A dove is the kindest, gentlest of all animals n the world. Love has these characters in it. It is therefore no surprise that people will tattoo images of a dove on their bodies as an expression of their love. Most tattoo this together with the word love in a nice calligraphy. There are others who like a dove together with a ribbon on its beak which bears the name of those that they love.

The above are some of the many love tattoos that one can have on their bodies. Irrespective of the tattoo that one chooses, the most important thing is to ensure that the message on the tattoo is well understood. However, for those that would love to tattoo the names of the ones they love on their bodies, it is important to take care since the love they have may not last forever but the tattoo will.

Check Out The Best Love Tattoos For Men


You know a couple is truly in love when they choose to have different star wars characters that synchronize with each other. In this tattoo R2D2 and C3PO are walking together when the couple is holding hands.


This is truly a romantic tattoo that allows the princess and Super Mario to kiss when the couple is holding hands. What a great playful display of affection between this couple! This love tattoo design makes the video game characters look true to life in a tattoo!

This is a truly hilarious couples tattoo where I am assuming the female has the quote tattooed on her arm “I have lived a thousand lives” and it shows a picture of books stacked on top of one another. The masculine figure has the same quote listed above a set of gamer tools and remote controls! This tattoo set truly tells a story – their love story!

The two robots in this tattoo set are absolutely adorable. One robot is offering the girl robot a flower. It is the sweetest couple tattoo design I have ever seen! When the two are side by side, the picture comes true to life and you can really see how in love their tattoo designs are!

This design for couples has a tattoo for the male who is the buck with antlers, and the deer for the female without antlers. The two tattoos are facing each other when the couple is holding hands. It is truly cute! This love tattoo design is unique!

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