A lot of people make the assumption that men should not get flower tattoos because flowers are delicate, a trait mostly attributed to the female gender. Most tattoo designs have several meanings behind them and it is upon an individual to choose them appropriately depending on life philosophy, aspirations or intended message. It is therefore wrong to try and confine certain tattoo designs to specific genders or groups of people. The lotus flower is greatly revered in many cultures and religions because of what it symbolizes.

Lotus flower tattoos for men is not exactly something new because such designs have been popular with the gender for ages. Aside from the fact that great tattoo designs enhance the physical appearance of a person, men also love lotus flower tattoo designs because of what the flower symbolizes. The lotus usually has its roots planted in mud found at the bottom of a river or pond with the leaves floating on top of the water surface. A single lotus can live for well over a thousand years and has the unique ability of reviving into activity after being inactive for a long time.

The meaning of lotus flower tattoo designs for men

From struggle to success : The lotus flower symbolizes the basic journey of life for most people, especially men; starting off from humble and difficult beginnings to a period of success. This is tied to the ability of the flower to grow from mud at the bottom of a pond or river into something beautiful and majestic. A lot of men choose this tattoo design to represent their journey towards the realization of success.

Spiritual enlightenment: The lotus flower is the perfect symbol of a man who has gone through a dark period and is now finding his footing. It symbolizes spiritual enlightenment, perfection, purity and becoming peaceful with one’s nature. The white lotus flower can be equated to the search of the true meaning of life.

Mind over matter: A blue lotus flower tattoo can be used to depict mind over matter, which essentially symbolizes an individual’s ability to overcome temptations of the flesh by having a heightened sense of spirituality. The blue lotus flower also symbolizes intelligence, wisdom and knowledge. Mind growth is a lifetime process and that’s why blue lotus flowers in most tattoo designs are usually partially opened.

Rising from the ashes: The lotus can revive into activity even after stasis. Such a tattoo can therefore be used to symbolize the never-say-die spirit of a man; that even after being written off, you can still rise from the ashes.

Love: The red lotus flower represents the initial state of the heart, burning with love and compassion. Often drawn as an open bloom, it symbolizes the ideal state of the human heart.

The lotus flower comes in white, blue, red, purple and pink colors, each with it’s own meaning. Before settling on the tattoo of choice, it is important to know exactly the kind of message that you want the design to carry. The flower represents a lot of things that men go through or aspire to become in life and that is why it is such a popular tattoo design with them.

Check out the best lotus flower tattoos for men


This good-looking lotus flower tattoo is drawn on the upper arm. It features bright red flower petals and dark blue enrichment. While the whole tattoo is rather small, its design on the outer part of the upper arm is creative.


It is drawn right in the middle of the inside of the arm. Featuring a delicate symmetry, the flower has bright red and yellow interior. The petals surrounding the flower have meticulous deep blue shade. Small strokes run on the side of the arm.


One of the beautiful lotus flower tattoos, this one sits on the chest area above the nipple. It also runs to the shoulder and ends at the upper arm. Its uniqueness can be seen in the beautiful deep blue outer parts. The central parts are drawn in glowing red.


If you are looking for great lotus flower tattoo ideas, get this one. It encircles your entire arm especially the inner joint area. Small right red petals interchange with large ones at the center of the tattoo. There are patterns of blue with different tints.


This is a multi-colored lotus flower tattoo design. It is drawn prettily on the shoulder where the main center of attention is the bud that has bright reddish orange tone. Just outside it are bright purple petals that encircle the pith and tinges of black and blue patterns.


A Lotus flower tattoo for guys drawn on the chest looks good. This one is not only on the chest, but also spreads to the shoulder as black patches encircle the bright red petals. Undertones of black patterns complete the tattoo.


Create an image of a person on your upper arm with this lotus flower tattoo for men. The blue face is drawn on the upper arm/shoulder area. Red and black flower patterns complete the design on the area bordering the upper back.


Have a perfect symmetry of flower petals on your chest region just above the nipple. This is one of the simplest yet appealing lotus flower tattoo ideas for men. The different parts of petals are drawn with varying hinges of black.


This is easily one of the biggest tattoo ideas featuring flowers. The design covers the entire chest area and part of both shoulders. The central point is a skull at the middle chest area. On either side of the skull are bright red petals.


This is a rather small lotus flower tattoo. It sits on the upper arm. There are petals appearing as outgrowths of a plant. The artist uses different shades of black to create optical distinction. You can have a few letters added to enhance the look.

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