In tattoo art, a tree symbolizes life-and every part has a deep meaning. The roots signify the strong foundation, keeping the entire tree firmly grounded beneath the soil. The trunk depicts resilience, standing up to extreme weather and all manner of external forces and yet remaining strong. The branches represent continuity while the buds depict new beginnings. A tree generally shows growth, strength and beauty. A tattoo design depicting a tree shows that the bearer is dedicated to nature and the environment.

Origins and meanings of tree of life tattoos for men

The symbol of a tree of life is pervasive in many cultures all over the world. Its mythology is found among various religions and philosophies. Whereas the design and meaning of the tattoos may differ, the overall thinking behind it is largely the same. It is known by various names such as the tree of knowledge, the cosmic tree, the sacred tree and the tree of immortality. In all these cases, the tree speaks to the idea that all living things are interconnected and sprang from the same source.

According to Norse mythology, there is an ash tree (Yggdrasil) that connects the nine worlds. It has a wide trunk and branches and roots that form a pathway that is used by the gods to move between the netherworld, heavens and earth. In Zoroastrianism (of ancient Iran), there is a tree of life whose seeds nourish all life in the world. The tree has healing properties which can resurrect the dead and give immortality. Egyptian mythology credits the acacia tree with bringing a number of gods and goddesses to life and enabling the birth of everything else. For Hindus, gods and goddesses stay unharmed forever on the tree of life. The Celts considered the tree to be the provider of food, warmth and shelter. In Buddhism, Gautama Buddha obtained enlightenment under a Bodhi tree while for Christians, the tree of life symbolized the purity of mankind before Adam and Eve committed the original sin.

A tree of life tattoo is popular among men since it represents such aspects as wisdom, abundance, protection, strength and eternity. The design will normally include all parts of the tree like the roots, branches and leaves. They can be shown growing outwardly and all linked to the roots and with a circular shape. The design symbolizes the way all people on earth are interconnected with each other. Many people use the green color to impart an attractive lushness to the tattoo and it is among the most popular tree tattoo designs.

Tree of life tattoo examples

There are several ways of designing tree of life tattoos for men so they can bring out there many meanings. They are preferred by people who wish to express their attitude and love of life. A tree with just a single leaf is one of the most innovative ways of showing this feeling.
Another great design is using interlaced tree branches. The image of a human inserted inside a tree trunk is a captivating way of depicting fertility.

There are also some complicated and elaborate tree of life tattoos such as the tribal and Celtic designs. The tribal designs are inked using black color, and they are normally characterized by a twisted circle that goes around the tree crown. The Celtic design features a similar style, with knots made by the tree trunk or branches.

If you wish to make your tattoo more eye-catching, you can use a floral design or incorporate shades of black. When it comes to placement and size, these tattoos are suitable for all body areas. You can ink big or small tree of life tattoos on your legs, arms, back or even behind the ear. The important thing is to feel comfortable once the tattoo has been inked on your body.

Check out the best tree of life tattoos for men


Done in black ink, this Tree of Life tattoo represents the surreal nature of the mystical tree. Perfect for those looking to add a little ink to their chest, this design depicts the stunning tree dissolve into a flock of birds, representing ultimate freedom.


For those in search of a more creative representation of the Tree of Life, here’s an incredible arm tattoo idea to consider. Done entirely in black ink, the tattoo depicts the silhouette of a tree that runs along the center of the arm, slowly blending in with the skin, thereby depicting one’s healing and rejuvenation.


For those on the look out for more colorful designs, here’s one that is sure to turn heads. The intricate tree trunk is done in shades of brown with the roots culminating in a tangle of Celtic knots. The branches, on the other hand, pay homage to the beauty of the seasons. They depict winter, spring, summer, and fall – thereby symbolizing the eternal nature of the mythical tree.


Here is one of the best Tree of Life tattoos out there. Made to look like water colors, this stunning creation employs both warm and cool hues. The marvelous tree supports the swing even as a flock of birds fly by. Here, the birds stand for freedom while the swing depicts the healing of the individual.


This minimalistic wrist tattoo is perfect for those looking for something small. Done in black ink, the Tree of Life is represented through a mesmerizing circular design of Celtic knots. The circle represents infinity, symbolizing the immortal nature of the tree, while also representing the progress of time and the inevitable healing of the soul.


Done in black ink, here’s one of the coolest Tree of Life tattoo ideas which depicts the tree in all its glory. The intricate details and exquisite shading ensures that the myth is brought to life, portraying the inevitable progress of time and the healing of the soul.


This Tree of Life tattoos idea is sure to steal the show. Done in black ink, the chest tattoo is ideal for those who love their ink. With the roots surrounded by skulls, the branches extend upwards. It depicts the immortal nature of the soul as well as the true healing of the heart.


This mesmerizing Tree of Life tattoo design is done entirely in black and depicts its Norse counterpart – also known as the World Tree. While its branches seem to sway with the wind, a flock of birds surround it and the roots extend into the ground. The tree itself depicts immortality while the birds depict freedom of the soul.


This is undoubtedly one of the most creative Tree of Life tattoos for guys. Combining the mythical tree with a guitar, the subdued colors only add to its impact. It depicts the immortal nature of music and its power to heal one’s soul. The flock of birds at the top symbolize the power of music to set you free.


This incredible back tattoo is done in black and red. The Tree of Life appears to draw sustenance from the heart, depicting how one’s soul will live on forever through the tree whose roots are entrenched within each of us. The heavenly tree stands for healing and sustenance of the soul.

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