Trying matching couple tattoos for men is one way of making your relationship official. It is more fulfilling to express love in any way possible, and going beyond what is common makes things exceptional. Posting on social media websites of your photos, declaring one’s love on the streets, or recording videos as gifts may no longer be the ways of proving to people how strong your connection is.

Nonetheless, you cannot simply tag along with your partner to the nearest tattoo shop and ask an expert to draw on your skin right away. The value of the couple tattoos is also built through your unified decision on the design to use. The competition here is the uniqueness of the design you will use.

Doubt Crasher: More Reasons to Go for a Matching Tattoos

It is probable that you are doubtful to get matching tattoos, particularly if it is your first time. Besides the provided statements above, the following are more reasons to proceed with more permanent PDA with your partner.

Sign of long-term relationship: getting a tattoo means you will have the mark on your skin forever. Having a matching tattoo is a hint that you decide to keep your partner for a lifetime without a doubt. There are others who are afraid of getting tattoos dedicated for their loved ones for they fear the future possibility—breakup. If you will go for it, it is an indication that you never worry about what will come for you are satisfied with the present.

Unified beliefs: you will find couples expressing their common beliefs in life, such as religious views. One instance is a cross tattoo. Having this art on your skin and your partner’s will show how well coordinated you are both. Obviously, there are couples who encounter misunderstandings due to conflict of interests.

Two as a whole: matching tattoos with your male partner show that you consider him a part of your life. You are no longer a single entity, but a person who will be complete if the other is present. Having him gone also implies losing a part of you. There have been unique ideas to express this, such as the traditional “lock and key” design.

Cool Ideas for Matching Tattoos for Men

If you want ideas to begin with for matching couple tattoos for men, here are tips that will help:

Animal Design. It is a very distinctive idea to have the species pigmented on your skin. Why not create an art out of a pet you have both cared for?

Action-Inspired. There are matching tattoos that portray two persons, animals, or things connecting with each other. To make this clear by example, there are tattoos placed on the side the hand that will show two animals giving each other a high five once you do the same with your partner.

Common Likes. If you love cartoon characters, do not hesitate to use it as matching tattoos. It is an expression of the fun you share with your partner. It is actually cuter compared to the general types of designs, which have been used by many.

The ideas on matching couple tattoos for men provided above may help you and your partner take your relationship to a different level. If you want to prove people that you are proud and contented with what you have, a permanent indicant is a great choice.

Check out the best matching tattoos for men

This matching couple tattoo idea involves beautiful cursive script that says “Together” on one partner and “Forever” on the other half of the couple. This picture shows how the tattoo is on their hands but you can get it anywhere.

Another imaginative design for matching couple tattoos is giving one friend a black ink tattoo of a bow and the other a tattoo of an arrow. The couple has the tattoo on their forearm. The cupid’s bow tattoo idea can be used in a lot of different ways.

This is another pretty cursive script tattoo idea. If you like matching couple tattoo ideas that include the names of the duo, then try this one. It says “love” and then has your boyfriend or girlfriend’s name going around an infinity symbol with a feather sticking off the side.

A matching couple tattoo idea that is a bit grimmer are a couple of skulls. The man’s skull has a top hat, a handlebar moustache, and a polka dot bow tie. Meanwhile the woman’s tattoo can have a pretty hairbow.

This him and her matching couple tattoo design is related to the guardian angel concept. The woman gets a black ink tattoo of a pair of wings that has “His Angel” running through the middle in cursive letters. The man on the other hand has a tattoo of an arrow that says “Her Guardian” on it.

A tattoo idea for couples that want matching tattoos are pink flamingos. The picture shows a black tattoo outline of a flamingo and below that a flamingo silhouette done in mix of different tropical colors like pink, blue, yellow, and orange.

Another design about matching couple tattoos for guys and girls is a small king and queen of hearts drawing. The man can get a letter K and a heart and his wife can get the letter Q and a heart.

This picture shows a basic matching couple tattoo for men and women that uses cursive letters and cupid’s arrow. Both of you can get “I love you more” in script over the arrow tattooed on your bicep in black ink.

If you and your spouse both wanted to get tattoos ideas include ordering a matching armband tattoo design. This picture shows how the couple can use black ink to get a similar looking geometric pattern that goes around the forearm.

The two crowns are another matching tattoo idea. When you are in love with your partner, you think about your spouse like a majesty. In this case, this tattoo is the perfect for you.

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