If you and your sweetheart are of the more the type to want a scene told by your matching tattoos, these robots express everything that it means to fall in love. Each is individually a very good tattoo, but when they find each other, their expressiveness becomes all the more apparent.

Simple, understated, inconspicuous. When you and your partner decide on matching couples tattoos, and making sure the other knows your true commitment is more important than announcing it to all who see, these minimalist heart tattoos are perfect.

Each of these finger tattoos is a separate piece, one being a tree, stately and graceful. The other being a little owl. Only when brought together does it become apparent that they were meant for each other. The perfect idea for the individualistic couple that is looking for matching Couples tattoo ideas that don’t threaten your individuality.

A common trend lately is to get matching tattoos instead of wedding bands, and this is an example of just that. Make sure you research any matching couple tattoo designs you might be considering, as the above tattoos are the symbol of polyamorous relationships.

Every now and then, the love of something bring you closer together. In this case, this couple decided on stylized Otters or Sea Lions, complete with fancy hat and bow type for the male, and a veil and flowers for the female.

These cute girls come for the Shel Silverstein poem and accompanying drawing “Hug O’ War”, and when transformed into a Matching couples tattoo, it shows that the couple is committed to hugging it out, no matter what, instead of fighting.

This is a great example of two tattoos being beautiful, but needing to be together to become complete. The artistic birds, complete with crowns are both speaking but together you can see they are speaking of love.

If you and your mate are into all things Disney, these matching mouse ears tattoos are right up your main street. Written in a text that is instantly recognizable, proudly show that you are a Mr. or Mrs. to another fun loving Disney fanatic.

These heart tattoos are artistic, and each can represent the life experiences of the person with the tattoo (as all good tattoos should do), but although Chaotic, these is beauty to be seen in these matching couples tattoos.. While one heart is exploding with chaos and colors, it become apparent when the other hert comes in that there was someone ready to collect the beauty left.

When you want the world to know you belong to your one and only, there is no better way to get matching “His” and “Her” (Hers would have been grammatically correct, but, hey, you do you) coupes tattoos. These are complete with crowns, showing just how much you think of your partner.

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