You can use a heart-shaped lock and key idea for your matching couple tattoo project. This one has cursive letters and rosary beads that work their way around a heart motif. You can get the key tattoo and your boyfriend or girlfriend can get the lock.

For married couples that want matching tattoos one idea is to start with a tattoo of a single red rose. From there you can modify your design to include any number of other motifs like la Llorona, La Catrina, or sugar skulls.

Other matching tattoo ideas for guys or girls can be on a nautical or sailing theme. One person can get a tattoo of an antique map’s compass points and the other one a small black tattoo of a ship’s anchor.

Some designs can incorporate several subjects like cupid’s arrow, animals, and geometric shapes. Couples can get mirror images of the same tattoo. Like in the picture each couple has half of a monkey face which is surrounded by the arrow, circles, and triangles.

Other tattoos that work for couples are male and female animals combined with geometric shapes. This couple each has a dog’s face tattoo over a diamond. The man can get the boy animal and the woman can get the girl animal tattooed.

There are tattoo ideas for couples that just want the same tattoo. This one starts with a single rose in black ink. The same rose can be repeated multiple times and possibly decorated over with a heart-shaped pink diamond tattoo.

The Disney characters Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse are another tattoo idea for couples. The guy can get the Mickey Mouse tattoo and the girl the Minnie Mouse one. In this matching design, they are trying to kiss each other.

Roman numerals are another matching tattoo idea. Birthdays or anniversaries in roman numerals can look cool. You can both get the same tattoo or couples can get each other’s birthday in roman numerals. This tattoo can be tucked away behind the pinky or on the ring finger.

Another tattoo on a nautical or sailing theme that couples might enjoy getting are just a plain black anchor with a braided rope wrapped around. This is another tattoo where your boyfriend or girlfriend gets a mirror image of the design that is proportional to the area that the tattoo is going on.

This married couple has the same or similar sugar skulls over the top of their middle fingers arranged like mirror images. The tattoo looks nice in simple black ink. There can be tiny leaves and flowers around the sides of the skull to decorate the area.

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