Another tattoo idea for married couples can be a rhyme in fancy black script. On the guy, it says “together forever never apart” and on the girl, it says “maybe in distance but never in heart” with a heart-outline instead of the word.

This is another tattoo idea for couples that want the same tattoo. This is an example of a roman numerals tattoo that shows a date that is important to the lovers like a wedding or an anniversary day. It is a small wrist tattoo that is done in black ink.

Couples could get a tattoo of matching crowns. This beautiful example is colorful. It mixes abstract and realist styles. The man can get the king’s crown and the woman the queen’s crown tattooed. This couple has it on their forearms.

Matching tattoos for couples can be flower mandalas as well. The romantic couple in the photograph have similar tattoos on different parts of their bodies. The woman has the tattoo on her back in black ink and the man has a similar tattoo on his forearm.

This couple has a matching tattoo that incorporates animals. It shows the silhouette of a flock of birds flying across the arm. The guy and girl have the same tattoo but his is bigger. Love bird tattoo ideas come in different shapes, colors, and sizes.

Done in stunning black and white, each bird is captured in mid flight, and when your hands meet, the birds gently greet each other. Each tattoo is beautiful individually, but the picture becomes complete when both are together.

The ship’s anchor has long symbolize stability and solid foundations. A couple who display matching anchor tattoos are symbolizing that they have found these qualities in their partner, and that the are in a relationship that will always ground them.

As the lyric goes, “Every Man will be a King”, and every good King needs a good Queen behind him. An elegant script and crown accents complete this matching couple tattoo idea.

This is a great example of couples tattoo ideas that show that you and your other half are really two parts of one whole, and that is a powerful expression of love. While one sports the “Yin” part, usually associated with the female, or feminine qualities, the “Yang”, or masculine traits, come together to make one whole, from seeming opposite forces.

If you and your partner want to create something unique and personal, entwining your initials with a stylized Cupid’s arrow is a fun and creative way to show your love and commitment.

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