There probably is no better way to keep the bond of friendship tight and sure than through friendship tattoos. Friendship tattoos for men create a bond of brotherhood among friends, translating them from the realms of common friends to blood brothers.

Blood is thicker than water, as they say; but friendship tattoos can enact a filial love stronger than what blood-relationship can do. Friendship tattoo is not just a piece of art, but a commemoration of brotherly responsibility. It creates an unbreakable emblem between two individuals and enacts a kindred spirit invulnerable to trials, unchangeable by time and incorruptible by temptation.


Types of Friendship Tattoos for Men

So, what are the various types of friendship tattoos for men, and what does each of them mean? Here some popular themes:

Card Suits

Each of the friends bears a symbol of a deck of card, like Hearts, Spades, Clubs, Diamonds, and Stars. The card game is a game of chance and risk, same as life game; but you have a better chance at winning if you play the game of life in the company and with the guidance of true friends.


Some call it the ultimate friendship tattoo symbol. Its representation differs, depending on the background. For Americans, it is represented by arrows crossing at the center, which indicates the unification of two people or two clans. At times, this tattoo can be represented by the number 8 tattooed sideways, which indicates infinity or limitlessness of friendship. Do not forget that true friendship is supposed to be limitless.

Bow and Arrow

A tattoo showing an arrow fixed to a bow indicates life struggle, tension, and conflict. On the other hand, a tattoo showing an arrow being released from a bow indicates a positive transition in an individual’s life. When adopted as friendship tattoos, the designs describe the continuity and bound of friendship through the thick and thin of life, irrespective of circumstances.


Seahorse is a symbol of strength associated with Neptune and Poseidon, who are sea gods in Greek and Ancient Roman mythologies. When you and your friend(s) tattoo the seahorse, you are simply combating the uncertainty that can break friendship apart and also finding a meeting point between your diversification of ideas as individuals.


It involves tattooing an anchor on the legs or arms of friends. Anchor depicts stability, strength, faith, and trust. It indicates that the friends can always trust each other and will be there for each other, irrespective of prevailing circumstances. Anchor tattoo means your friendship will not drift apart, the same way an anchored ship does not drift away.

Other Nautical Themes

These tattoos can be contextual or simply aesthetical, or both. They involve tattooing nautical symbols like boat, compass, fish, knot, lighthouse, lobster, map, mermaid, nautical charts, etc. on any part of the body, especially the easily-seen sections.

The tattoos do not have to be the same; a member of the group can tattoo a compass, while another tattoo an anchor. Friends having such tattoos are simply making a vow to guide and steer one another towards the right directions. The most commonly adopted symbols are the anchor and compass.

Go, Get a Friendship Tattoo with Your Friend

There are many more friendship tattoos for me, not just the ones above. At the end of the day, the tattoo that you share with your friend should signify a common interest or goal, or perhaps a very wonderful memory that you both hold important and will cherish forever.

Awesome Examples of Friend Tattoos for Men


A friendship tattoo is a great way to show your bond with a special friend and this is one of the best examples of such a tattoo. Cats are considered to be the ultimate exponents of swag and coolness and that is what this tattoo tries to replicate. The cats depicted in this tattoo are extremely colorful and would go well with a vibrant friendship that needs to be celebrated.


The best result of a great friendship is peace. To achieve world peace, all we need is a friendly relationship with everyone and that is the message this tattoo wants to spread. It is a great achievement when friendship tattoos can help accomplish something as complex as world peace. Aesthetically it is a simple yet beautiful tattoo and is attention-grabbing in spite of its understated looks.


Few friendship tattoo ideas can represent the brotherhood and camaraderie that exists between friends like this one. It depicts the two halves of a male lion, the epitome of male bonding. The tattoo is beautifully crafted and designed in such a way that it looks disorganized at first but then you see that there is a method to the madness.


If you want to take your friendship to the next level and want the world to know how great your friendship is then this is one of the best tattoos ideas out there. This tattoo is an artistic representation of DNA and signifies a bond that is so strong that you feel that even your DNAs are connected to each other. This tattoo is colorful and very cool to look at.


Some of the best friends out there are the ones who complement each other perfectly. This tattoo is the perfect embodiment of such a friendship. Instead of having the same tattoo for the two friends, these two are patterns that look very dissimilar when seen apart but when seen together it seems like one tattoo is completing the other and if that is how you see your friendship then this is a great tattoo for you.


This is one of the most powerful friendship tattoo design out there. This tattoo featuring two hands holding onto each other signifies the strong trust and the feeling of knowing that someone has your back no matter what – a great image that manages to speak a thousand words. To top it all off there is a nice inscription in a very manly font that celebrates such a friendship even more.


Friendship tattoos for guys can celebrate all types of friendships and this one is no different. Wolves are generally considered as lone animals but even they can form unlikely bonds and if your friendship is of that kind where you overcame the odds against your friendship these this tattoo is a great way to showcase it. The tattoo is very realistic and the imagery of the moon, sun and the symmetric pattern work adds to the charm of the tattoos.


Foxes are very social animals and hence are a great symbol of an enduring friendship. If you want to celebrate a quirky yet strong friendship then this is the tattoo to get. It uses subtle colors to give the tattoo a nice touch while the intelligent use of lines makes the tattoo come alive.


This is a great friendship tattoos idea as it shows a bow and arrow. These are two objects that are worlds apart in the way they work and are made but one is incomplete without the other. Great friendships are like that and this tattoo is a great way to show that to the world. It also takes up very little space making it an even more attractive option.


Sometimes great friendships are forged over a great distance and stay strong in spite of not being able to meet regularly. This is one of those friendship tattoos for men that are perfect to immortalize such a special bond. The use of color and shading is exceptional while the faces on the sun and moon humanize this tattoo.


Even though they eventually broke up, The Beatles when they were together signified the greatness that could be achieved out of true friendship. The tattoo salutes this notion while also paying homage to one of the biggest musical phenomena. The tattoo is simple yet powerful and can also be used as a way to showcase a shared interest in musical tastes.


It is said that true friendship between two can only be described as a brotherhood even if there is no blood relation and this is one of those tattoo ideas for men that shouts out this idea. It is a simple tattoo that says “Brotherhood never dies” and yet the words are arranged in an elegant manner and the font has been carefully chosen to give the whole tattoo a clean look.


If you and your friend were born in the late 80s or the early 90s then there is a high chance that you and your friend share a common passion for vintage arcade games. This tattoo uses popular fonts and symbols from that era and is both a nostalgic nod to that era and a great celebration of a friendship rooted in similar passions. The simplicity of this tattoo makes it even more appealing.


If you want a minimalistic tattoo that doesn’t take up too much space and yet is perfectly able to capture the idea of a friendship of two polar opposites then this is the way to go. One half of the tattoo depicts a swirling wave while the other depicts a mountain. While these two are usually pitted against each other in nature, they do go hand in hand to create a beautiful world and that is the message this tattoo tries to give out.


The simplest tattoo you could get to celebrate a friendship is also one of the most powerful. This tattoo consists of just the Roman numerals for ‘one’ and ‘two’. While it is not that significant when seen apart, together they send a powerful message that great friendships do not require many words to describe them. You know one when you see one.


This is another simple but effective way of showcasing a strong bond. It is often claimed that a life without great friends is not a life worth living and that is what is portrayed in this tattoo. It shows the heartbeat in such a way that one tattoo completes the other. It is simple, understated, and yet somehow very complete.


If you are looking for a tattoo that is artistically complex and beautiful then this Persian and Indian art inspired tattoo is a great option. The two tattoos are identical and very beautiful to look at. The combination of blue and purple gives it a regal look while the intricate patterns class up this tattoo.


If your gang consists of three members who all have their own personality and each of them add a different dimension to the friendship then this is a tattoo worth considering. It shows a heart of different color for each tattoo that intertwined by a pattern in three symmetric ways and signifies the special bond between three great friends.


Arabic art inspired tattoos are known for their use of symmetry and subtle colors to increase the complexity of a tattoo despite using very simple design elements. This tattoo belongs to that category. The use of simple lines and circles but in an intricate manner and the subtle use of the color blue makes it very striking to look at. It also is a mirror image of each other and is symbolic of a bond between like-minded individuals.


Many strong friendships are formed over some sort of competition and if your bond was formed over multiple sessions of playing the various Mario Brothers games then this is definitely the tattoo to get. It depicts the two brothers in all their vibrantly colorful glory and also represents the brotherhood that develops between such friends.


A shooting star is a symbol of good fortune and a sign of great things to come. That is also the case when you have a trustworthy friend by your side and if you feel the same way then this is the tattoo to get. It is monochromatic but the clever use of lines and patterns give it a considerable amount of depth and realism.


Arrows belong to the types of weapon which is virtually useless if all you have is one of them but there is strength in numbers here. This tattoo plays on that notion. It is a simple tattoo depicting just three arrows. However, the symbolism is very powerful. The three arrows meet at a common point signifying a strong unity. The arrows all start from different points and are pointing in different directions and that denotes the individual character of each friend.


Symmetry and boldness are the selling points behind this tattoo. It is inspired by medieval and gothic design elements and the intricate and intertwining thick lines of black denote a friendship that is highly complicated and so deep that it is impossible for the friends to be separated or for anything to get in between them.


If you are looking for a playful and culturally relevant tattoo that celebrates a unique friendship then this one is worth looking into. One half of the tattoo is a pizza slice while the other half is the entire pizza with a missing slice. The pizza has a topping made up of heart symbols. It describes a friendship where each friend is incomplete without the other.


Another great tattoo for a trio to get, each tattoo is made up of three overlapping triangles of different colors with a different one completely filled out in each case. This again denotes three individuals with somewhat varying personalities bonded strongly together with each other in friendship.


The triangle is an excellent starter tattoo for those who want a straightforward design that could have multiple meanings. This trio of tattoos for guys is often seen on siblings, where the shaded in shapes represent the brother’s age order. It can also represent friendship between three best buddies.


The geometric designs of this basic yet fun tattoo style can represent siblings, ages, or even a love for mathematics. It could also be used as a friendship tattoo for three friends who are into gaming since the shapes are the same as game control buttons.


Best friends who grew up gaming together, playing all the classics should have matching tattoos that represent their love for those old school characters. This tattoo duo features the familiar blue and green dragons from the NES game Bubble Bobble.


If you and your best bro love to travel, then this example of friendship tattoos for men is for you. Whether you have been around the world or dream of doing so one day, make plans and visit each destination together with this permanent reminder.


Friendships that are based on the unique sense of humor you both share deserve a matching tattoo that is equally as unusual. This avocado pairing will let everyone know that you are never complete without your best buddy by your side.


There is hardly any dynamic duo that can compare to you and your best bro, except for maybe Batman and Robin. This epic tattoo will show off your bromance in style. Now you only have to decide who gets to be Batman.


When looking for a friendship tattoos idea intricate designs like those that feature geometrics and colors are a great choice. They may be customized so that each person can include their own interests, yet still have matching tattoos with their two best friends. It is perfect for three guys or brothers.


If you have a best friend who will always be your lifeline, this galactic astronaut duo design is an excellent choice. Show that you will always be connected no matter if you are worlds apart. Also, this would be an excellent choice for astronomy fans.


Wolf tattoos represent power, strength, and guidance. These majestic creatures are loyal to their pack, the same way you and your best friend are loyal to one another. There are hundreds of designs to choose from so that you can get a simple or detailed design.


Like fire and ice, you, and your best friend balance each other out. These geometric tattoos are visually stunning and represent your friendship in a major way. You can play around with the colors or even the shape to come up with a concept that suits your own personal style.


This is the perfect tattoo for brothers, especially twins, as you feel like you’re looking in the mirror when you see each other. It is one of the best tattoo ideas for men out there. It could also represent a friendship that has a bond which is as strong as one between two brothers.


When you are searching for friendship tattoo ideas, yet want something that shows off your own personality as much as your friendship, this is a great design to consider. While it doesn’t stand out as a friendship tattoo on its own, when both images are together, it’s clear that the two of you share a bond.


Is your best friend the Solo to your Wookie? Then you must get a Star Wars themed tattoo. Why would you consider getting anything else? Play around with designs and similar or opposing images such as a Jedi and a Sith Lord.


When choosing the right friendship tattoo design, you want to choose something that represents the strength of your bond over the years. This is one of the simple yet beautiful tattoos ideas your circle can get to show how close you are to your brothers.


These Super Mario character friendship tattoos show that you will always be your best buddy’s player 2, or be there to provide him with a pick me up as needed. The 1 Up and Invincible Star are fun images that could represent various things between two best friends.


If your friend is always there to keep you safe and grounded, these anchor tattoos make a wonderful choice. The anchor will always represent security and stability. In terms of friendship, it could be used to show the strength of your relationship over time.


In Hawaiian culture, the pineapple represents hospitality, peace, hope and prosperity. Matching pineapple tattoos for guys could represent any of these qualities, or it could simply mean that you both share a love for pineapple pizza. Either way, it is sure to be a great conversation starter.


If you would like to get a tattoo with your best buddy, but aren’t sure about the friendship tattoos for guys you have seen, go with a design you both like such as geometric tattoo ideas. It doesn’t always have to look like a friendship tattoo to be one.


When you have that one friend who is always there to lend a hand, you should celebrate your friendship, permanently. This image of a strong “broshake” is beautifully detailed and a great starter tattoo for best friends or brothers that you can get together.


This forearm brother tattoo features a cool abstract design that could be colored in or changed up to add more symbolism if you prefer. You could use the same basic outline, and get different shapes or patterns on the inside to make your friendship tattoo unique.


While there are some who want to have an individualized look for their bro tattoos, others may want to go with an identical carbon copy, and that’s okay too. Just be sure that you both agree on the design beforehand so that you don’t end up not being best friends over a tattoo disagreement.


Jedi’s are known for being brave, loyal, and reliable, just like your best friend. If you and your bro grew up on the teachings of the Force, then you need this Star Wars Rebel Alliance tattoo. Get it to celebrate the upcoming Star Wars movie or a convention you plan to attend.


This is another cool triangle tattoo design that is great for guys who want to express their brotherhood. With the mountain peaks at the top, this concept would be perfect for a pair of mountain climbers or anyone who loves the great outdoors.


Aesthetically pleasing matching tattoos look even better when they are side-by-side. These linear designs are great for friends who have been through many ups and downs together, and remain loyal to each other. Add colors and invert them on the matching tattoo for a striking look.


If you promise to always be there for your best friend, this is a great tattoo to consider. The pinky promise should stand the test of time, and this tattoo can serve as a reminder of how you always promised to be there for your best friend no matter what.