Are you considering getting a tattoo in the near future? It goes without saying that you need to think before you get that ink, otherwise you’ll be left with something you’ll regret, even hate. When picking one, a man must carefully consider the right design. Most guys opt for tribal, skull or cross tattoos, some choose animals such as eagles, lions, tigers and sharks. But what about cats? While cat tattoos are considered feminine, there are lots of ways to macho one up enough for a guy. This article shares a couple of cat tattoos for men that you can consider.

The Story and Meaning of a Cat

First and foremost, you need to understand the perceptions and meanings associated to the cat. Cats have been a symbols throughout history. You may have noticed them in ancient Egypt history. Egyptians then called them ‘mau’ and held them in the highest esteem.

Injuring or killing a cat would result in severe punishments including death. Ancient Egyptians worshipped Bastet, who was often represented as half woman and half feline. She was the goddess of warfare. Egyptians also associated the cat with Isis, the goddess of protection, fertility and motherhood. Cats were frequently portrayed in Egyptian art; they were even mummified. In ancient Greek, cats were related to cunning, cleanliness, lust and deviousness.

Today, a cat symbolizes luck and prosperity, mystery and secrets, protection, Intelligence and Intuition, Attentiveness, and so much more. In some societies it is a symbol of revolution.

Here are a few ideas for cat tattoos for men:

A Cat Skull Tattoo

The cat is given a strong link to the afterlife. Cat Skull Tattoos symbolize an understanding and acceptance of the inevitable end of life. It is a sign of one’s bravery, showing that there is no fear to face one’s immortality.

A Cat eye Tattoo

The eye is the window of the soul. You can see one’s intellect and will through their eyes. A cat’s eye is a symbol of intellect and wisdom. It is also a passage to the divine, as it is believed to be a mystic object that brings those with it closer to elements of the afterlife. Cat eye tattoos also symbolize the ability to see things and people for more than what or who they are. It means you can look at a situation and action as an opportunity to something greater.

Black Cat Tattoo

Not many people choose this tattoo because of the superstition that black cats bring bad luck. Ancient Egyptians held the black cat in the highest regard. However the “bad-luck” superstition arose in the middle ages when there was a lot of religious persecution. Religious believers confused pagan practices with devil worshipping. Today, there are those who do not see the black cat as the devil’s advocate. It can be symbol of mystery, Independence and protection.

Minimalist Cat Tattoo

Minimalist tattoos are quite trendy today. They are simple and elegant yet capable of communicating powerful things. If you’re looking for a design that is not too intricate with detail, then a minimalist cat tattoo could work for you.

Yin and Yang Cat Tattoos

This tattoo blends the popular yin and yang symbol with a black cat and a white cat. The symbol represents how there is as much good in the world as there is bad. We all have a good and bad side to us, and it is the balance of the two that makes us who we are. The Yin and Yan Cat tattoo would appeal to those who have a sense of confidence, self-awareness and understanding.

Check out the best cat tattoos for men


A Siamese cat tattoo – two faces yet only two ears and three eyes. The tattoo is dynamic using a bold yellows and oranges for they eyes. Tattoo ideas for men like this is great for those who want something out of the ordinary.


An example of a cat tattoos for men, this tattoo is abstract and makes you look twice to see what is going on. The cat face at the top is almost evil, and there is a bloodied shrunken head imbedded in its body.


One of the cat tattoo ideas for the classy, this black and white shaded tattoo depicts a cat with a very impressive moustache looking back at you as if it is judging you. The long, winding tail is the main feature


This tattoo incorporates a studious cat wearing glasses with some cursive text underneath. It just shows the face of the cat, and the big eyes and ears is the focus. Incorporating blacks, whites and greys.


A cat tattoo for the hand calls for something different that demands attention. This tattoo design shows a cat face which almost looks more like a fox, with no less than 5 eyes in a pyramid sequence.


A serious cat with a bow tie, top hat and a monocle. This tattoo is designed as if it is a portrait, with a frame, background and flower at the base. The cat itself is very realistic and the eyes seem to follow you.


A super realistic tattoo showing a cat with a red collar and bell looking up curiously, like cats do. It has a friendly kitten-like face and the tattoo shows only the face and the top of the neck.


This tattoo is an action shot of a cat ready to strike. The eyes are mesmerizing and striking – the only color in the whole tattoo. There is a skull coming out of the top of its head which matches the feel of the whole tattoo.


This is a good cat tattoos idea for those who love cartoon cats. It shows a cat wearing sunglasses which have a cityscape reflection. The cat is black and white, and shows just the face and the top of the neck, with a cartoon flower underneath.


At first glance it seems like this tattoo is merely a smudge, but it is actually a shadowed image of a cat with its back to us and its tail curled around. Using only blacks and whites with no bold edges.

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