Though tattoos are very modern now, they have been around for ages. Also, there are certain old symbols that will never be obsolete. For example, long past are the times when anchor tattoos were characteristic to sailors or pirates. Now the anchor is one of the most famous tattoo symbols.

What are the meanings of anchor tattoos for men?

Contrary to popular belief, the meanings of these tattoos aren’t only related to one’s love for the sea and tattoo fans know this best. As a matter of fact, the meanings for most of these kinds of tattoos are way deeper than the sea or skin level.

They are linked with balance and strength even in stormy times of life. That can apply to nearly everyone who chooses an anchor tattoo. However, there still are particularities that can make a difference.

Family men associate them with the stability in their lives and somehow with the wives or children that are like an anchor for them, as they share the most solid bond. Men in love can choose the anchor as it means that they are willing to settle down and be committed to the women they love. For some men, the anchor can have nothing to do with certain individuals, but can be just a reminder of a sum of experiences that led to a balanced life.

Though one might think that the anchor is in high demand mostly to men who already have a lot of life experience, young men might get them as reminders of rough teenage years, which can be related to bullying or personal distress. After all, age is not always relevant when it comes to life struggles.

Why are they popular amongst men?

Anchor tattoos for men are very popular because they can carry a lot of different meanings and can represent whatever the man wants them to. Also, they are very manly symbols that helps them reconnect with their roots.

Anchors are simple symbols so they are great to initiate in the art of tattooing. Small ones can be done quickly and efficiently. In this way, the new owner can get a taste of the tattooing experience in a convenient way.

Still, a good tattoo artist can create a stylish design that will constitute a real masterpiece that can adorn the man’s body for many years to come. They can cover the whole back or large body areas and be just a design element of a big picture that tells a story.

What do they represent?

Anchor tattoos for men usually represent a form of stability, regardless whether this stability refers to a certain person or to a calmer stage in life. Even a very simple design can signify a lot to the owner, so we shouldn’t mistake the lack of complexity for the lack of meaning.

There are fancy anchor tattoos that incorporate style and fashion within the body art as well, while others stick to the basic one that has been used by seafarers as well. In the end, it is a matter of personal choice as the owner always knows best what his anchor represents.

Check out the best anchor tattoos for men


Full of texture and depth, this image of an anchor rests perfectly on the inner arm. A rope is attached to its ring, which gracefully wraps around the shank down to the tip, while bold capital letters are sitting on either side.

One of the bubbliest, colorful, and attractive anchor tattoos idea. The image of a lustrous blue anchor with a wooden stock is drawn on the foot, surrounded with waves of stars and shiny pearls in pink, red, and white tones.

Lovely and elegant are words that can only depict this striking anchor picture. The anchor itself shows intricate details around the stock and crown, enhanced with a bright red rose with blooming petals, greyish-white toned leaves, and elegant yellow accents.

A classic anchor tattoo design with a vintage and unparalleled rustic feel. The anchor slants on the arm with a chain starting off from the ring and draped on its shank, then attached to a small watch. Red roses and thick leaves embellish the lovely picture.

A huge anchor carved in fine wood is glowing as it st set at the side of the body, carried around by two birds. Far from ordinary, the other has horns while the one on top has a halo and are at a game of tug of war.

An elegantly curved thick-shanked anchor with a pointy crown, wooden stock, and rope along its ring are each carefully crafted down to the last detail. A few budding red roses and one in full bloom, as well the the thorny vines crawling around produce a remarkable effect.

Nestled on the upper left area of the chest near the shoulder is a strong and sturdy anchor tattoo. Roses and thick leaves possessing texture and many veins gently cradle it and cling to the anchor’s exquisite form from ring to the tip of its bill.

This classic and traditional tattoo exhibits a wooden anchor that has been carved to perfection, with the stock lighter and edgy while the shank is more rounded and shapely. Thick braided ropes form loops and knots around the ring going down to the crown ending in small tassles.

One of the most creative anchor tattoo ideas comprised of a cute outline of an anchor that’s embellished with red lines, fill, spikes, a pointed bill, and fun heart. The shank has grey and white tones while the stock is brown and wooden with a queer eye.

An astounding image featuring the breathtaking beauty of lovely roses and a wreath surrounding the form of an intricately detailed anchor from the ring to its crown and bills. The tattoo comes in black and white and gives off brilliant elegance like no other.

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