Angel wing tattoos for men are some of the most popular tattoos today. These tattoos have been worn for many years and their history dates back to many years and this can be attributed to their meaning and value which people associate with them. When done right, wing tattoos are normally beautiful and also meaningful. To begin with, people across religions do believe in angels and some of them are considered holy while others are evil. Angels have been considered to be God’s messengers since ancient times and people also consider them to be guides and protectors.

Meaning of angel wing tattoos

To date, angels remain popular beings and therefore it is not something uncommon to see men seeking to have them their wings professionally drawn on their bodies. There are many different meanings that one could depict when wearing angel wing tattoos and these include the following:

  • Love for movement
  • Love for freedom
  • Demonstration of faith
  • Tribute to loved ones who passed away
  • Faith and belief
  • Happiness and good luck
  • Strength, courage and perseverance

Depending with the culture, people normally use different types of angel when getting the body art. There are those who choose guardian angel wing tattoos (representing protection and power), devil angel tattoos (Representing sadness or sorrow), warrior angel tattoos (representing strength, justice and victory), or baby angel tattoos (representing innocence). The messenger in want to send forth will determine the choice of angel wing tattoos.

There are however those who just get a tattoo bearing angel’s wings simply because they love angels and nothing more. When wearing the angels’ wings, it will be good to first of all take your time and consider whether you really want to have one and if yes, then consider the meaning and impression you would want to create.

Tattoos with angel wings can be designed differently and also combined with other creative works of art to bring out their meaning more clearly. In addition, the choice of size and colours should also be done carefully as this will also determine their visibility and the expression of your persona. Some angel wing tattoos for men are normally designed to look as though they are attached on a loved one who the wearer would like to remember. Their name could also be added somewhere in the art to send a clear message as to the message one would want to portray. As such, this shows the close connection between the tattoo wearer and the person whose picture accompanies the design.

Where can you wear angel wing tattoos?

As with all other types of tattoos, angel wing tattoos can be drawn anywhere on the body depending with the wearer’s preference. However, the size of the tattoo will greatly determine the location since larger tattoos will require a larger canvas so as to fit properly. However, wing tattoos are very popular on the back, on the sleeves, shoulders, ankles, lower back or chest, thighs. angel tattoos for men can be done on different backgrounds to enhance the message one is seeking to send.

Check out the best angel wing tattoos for men


The angel wing tattoo on the chest of this guy is applied with elegance and a unique touch of art. The angel wings appear to have some 3D effects, and there are some paint drops around the wings. It is a cool tattoo for a guy.


This guy has an angel wing that is similar to her lady’s. The placement and design of the tattoos are exactly similar. These tattoos might be linked to the love between the two since they are similar in every aspect.


Tattoos come in different details, and this one is designed with other strange elements. The guy has the angel wings applied on a skull, and the skull has a spider web on the forehead. This tattoo must be having a hidden meaning due to the features.


This is a cool angel wing tattoo design that covers a big section of the back. It could be symbolizing an affinity for nature since the guy placed them to look like real wings. Whatever the meaning, the tattoo looks incredible.


This is another angel wing is applied to look like a real one. The wings have a deep 3D effect, and the color blend is also brilliant. At the tip of the wings, they appear to dig out from the skin of the guy.


The angel wing on the back of this guy are large, and they are black in color. There are also some details that look like black paint applied to the wings. It could be symbolizing death, or the guy may have a specific meaning.


These angel wings have a basic design and color blend. The guy has applied the tattoo on his biceps, and the wings are attached to a wheel. It could have a specific symbolizing, but it is a nice tattoo when you want something simple.


Artistry and elegance are the foundations of this tattoo. It comes with wings that spread out from the chest towards the shoulders. There is a flower between the wings, along with a cross. Below the wing is a skull with other flowers below it.


This is one of the angel wing tattoos for guys that want to show their special tattoo to the public. The guy has applied it on his hand, and it looks classy since it covers the entire lower part of the hand.


This is a leg tattoo that is linked to the ankle and stretches upwards. It isn’t that big, but it has some elegant effect. The 3D effect is applied to give them some reality. Most probably, the guy has the tattoo connected to his daily life.

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