With much of the attention directed at the ball of fur that is the head, the eyes are entirely in black. Placed in front of the gray coat of fur, they become the focus point as well, depicting unending alertness.


This geometric wolf design is made in black with a splash of red – the best color combination. These are the same colors frequently endorsed by Dracula as well, and compliment each other brilliantly. It also serves to highlight the artistic arm tattoo.


An artful design, the black ink side profile of the wolf is brought to life with an orange mouth and a red tongue. The red flower on the other end gives balances out the colors for a cool tattoo design.


The swirly lines give it an other-worldly appearance as the wolf appears to be alert. With waves at the bottom, and a branch with red flowers flanking one side of the creature, the white and gray wolf is already on the prowl.


The white and the black wolf can be yet another representation of the yin and yang. This is perfectly highlighted in their circular position with one attacking the other. It makes for an incredible arm tattoo for men.


Spanning across the forearm, this tattoo depicts a composed-looking wolf who, in one of his devilish hands, holds a crescent moon. The dominance of black and white in the tattoo is overshadowed by a colorful middle, the middle that seems to suggest that the wolf is versed in all the mysteries the Universe cloaks.


An animal infamous for its predatory skills, this is the wolf at his fiercest. Their wild nature is emphasized by the background forest – the wolf’s natural habitat. Glaringly presented here, the warrior symbolism shines through the wolf’s yellowish eyes.


Having them dignified as totems, the Native Americans have always looked upon wolves with a certain sense of awe. The tattoo of a proud-looking wolf coupled with a few Native American feathers aims to bring that sense to life.


The tattoo done in an oval shape and with only a few jagged lines seems to portray the sense of longing. The whole scene has a surreal feel to it, as the bending background trees perfectly match the mood set by the wolf’s head.


It’s the background that makes all the difference. The violent shades of green and red, complementing each other beautifully, are at odds with the composed look of the wolf. The tattoo is about the wolf at his most calm, yet prompt to react when threatened.

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