An intricate combination of triangular and quadrangular shapes, this one offers a geometric take on the wolf tattoos for guys. It really is fascinating how all the smaller parts come together to form a larger, infinitely mysterious, wolf-head-shape.


An entire forearm is needed for this hauntingly beautiful tattoo to be possible. A splash of black gives rise to the ominous scene of two wolfs, one being a continuation of the other. There’s no white here; it is only the absence of black.


Extremely highly detailed, the tattoo depicts the wolf’s head done entirely in the realistic manner. His eyes, having a distinctly light blue hue, are what makes the tattoo special; once you’ve seen them, there’s no forgetting.


Though somewhat similar to the previous tattoo, this is a bit more romanticized view of the wolf. There seems to a wind-like force that sets all that fur waving, breathing the symbolism of valor into the scene.


Resembling Hindu decor, this tattoo is a highly stylized and carefully planned portrayal of wolf. It might just be the most sensitive tattoo wolf depiction.


If all the ferocity of the wolf be condensed, it would fit into this tattoo. The wolf’s look has the potential to momentarily freeze the faint-hearted. And besides, the careful shading makes the tattoo a true tromp l’oeil exponent.


A familiar scene of a wolf howling at the moon is strengthened by the addition of a few more of his kind. The wolf has always been seen as the symbol of loyalty, of togetherness, pack-membership, or even family. The tattoo aims to get across some of that symbolism.


Considering the drawing technique used here, it is hard to believe that the wolf shown in this tattoo isn’t moving. Furthermore, the sparkly details provide yet another moment to ponder whether this stylish wolf is from this, or indeed some other world.


There are two equally important parts of this tattoo; the first being a woman that seemingly sleeps under the full moon; and the other a wolf (or maybe a she-wolf) in all his wild glory. Is the wolf a nightmare, or are they the parts of a same coin?


This tattoo, spanning across the back, catches one of the more distinctive moment in every predator’s life – the hunting charge. It is as if we’re the spies while the wolf goes about his business. The directional lines all point up, giving the sense of wild and violent movement.

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