This barcode is a great way to ensure that you are always aligned with the consumerism of the moment and remember your connection to society that means that you will be able to know as well your role.


This compass will allow you to be able to remember that you are able to wander with the compass any moment; you will remember as well you have passport stamps. You will remember that you are able to wander.


These mountains are a sign of strength, in any moment you will be able to look down at them and see that they are a sign of strength. You will be able to see your strength at any moment when you look down.


This star is a reminder of the inner star in you at any moment, when you look down you will remember the promise as well as the options that are available for your life. This is an excellent reminder of your progress.


Time flies, this watch will allow you to look down and remember that so that you are not wasting your time on things that do not matter. Looking down and seeing the time that you need fly by is an important reminder.


This type of tattoo has a great aesthetic value and also a religious significance. It is mostly done by people who hold religious value higher than aesthetic value. The tattoo is believed to the restore the body health and has a healing effect.


This kind of tattoo has a bracelet and moon symbols. The moon signifies the male gender in some communities. Its changing shapes signify the inconsistency of life. This type of bracelet wrist tattoo is inscribed by men for a deep symbolic meaning.


You can inscribe words that have a meaning to your life like a life statement, conviction, or a lesson learnt with this type of tattoo. The design is inform of a barcode. This signifies the identity of a product and in this case, the statement can be something that you identify with.


This tattoo symbolises nature in the plant kingdom and the beauty of flowers. Tattoo ideas for men are as diverse as those of women, and for a man who appreciates nature, this is a brilliant tattoo.

wrist tattoo for men

Butterflies live a very short, yet eventful life. They undergo metamorphosis to become adult butterflies. Men go through many experiences in life that shape them just like butterflies. This tattoo seeks to show the many things men go through in their lives.

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