An eagle signifies height. The bird is considered to be luminous as it flies so high into the sky. It represents heroic nobility, and power. This tattoo highlights all these things, making the wearer to feel immortal and strong.


Mountain tattoos represent hurdles in life that must be overcome. However in some cases, mountains may represent the environment and can act as a good wrist tattoos for guys, who love nature. Those men who wear such a tattoo may remind them to be always conscious of the environment.


This tattoo basically signifies beauty. Its shape draws attention to the centre and so it signifies the soul. True beauty is one that emanates within the soul. Flowers are not only meant for women, men can also wear this tattoo on their wrists.


In the Chinese symbolism, this tattoo is referred to as the third Element. The first is Yang, the bright and active force; the second is Yin, the dark and passive force. When a constellation of stars is used, the tattoo shows the connection of the good and the bad, that is the upper and lower worlds.


Inspirational messages serve to remind you to have hope. When you go through a difficult time, this tattoo can serve to remind you to remain hopeful and draw your strength within and get inspired from the message in the difficult time.


Bird tattoos signify nobility, knowledge, protection, spiritual guidance, love and peace. No matter how you are feeling, chirping birds lightens you up. Humans aspire to be like birds in a number of ways. This tattoo can act as a true inspiration.


A chain is a sign of strength and protection. Valuables are hidden in protection using a chain. This tattoo can symbolise protection from enemies, evil or even the world. Its strength ensures protection for the wearer. This wrist tattoo cannot be hidden, so the message is visible to everyone.


Astrology lovers can inscribe their zodiac signs in form of tattoos. Everyone falls under a star depending on the birth date. Astrologist uses this to explain preferences and character of people at different periods in life using the star they fall under.


This tattoo is a sign that a person has control. The previous, next, stop, pause, forward and reverse signs in the tattoo stand for control. This tattoo is ideal for a man who wants to take control of his life, or is already in control, and wants to prove to someone that he is in control.


This tattoo simply signifies life, beauty and nature. The leaf provides support and food for the ladybird; therefore it is its dependence for survival. In life and nature, there is a lot of dependence and the importance of others cannot be ignored. This tattoo reminds the wearer of this obvious fact.

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