This is a partial sleeve tattoo that starts from a band at the wrist with a span of black and white pine trees that go all away around the arm. These pines are various heights and reach toward the elbow and inner arm. It includes an inked band around the wrist with the saying “Look Up” in block letters.


The tale of two worlds are represented in this man’s tattoos. On the top of the arm is a black-and-white city skyline with skyscrapers of various heights. Right around the entire elbow is a ring of telephone poles and wires. In the opposite direction, a wooden fence joins the telephone poles and there are silhouettes of pine trees in a woodland setting.


Dark underbrush covers the inside of the elbow in this tattoo while a bare tree reaches its twisted limbs toward the inside of the wrist. There is a trailing flock of crows flying from the tree top, making their way across the wrist.


This tree tattoo would be perfect for best friends or brothers, because they make a whole picture when the guys put their arms together. The first tattoo starts with dark underbrush at the wrist and has various heights of pine trees that are reaching toward the mountains in the horizon. The second arm is the other half of the picture, with the other side of the trees and mountains.


Nature is the heart of it all with this unique tree tattoo design. It is in black-and-white and has a human heart above the wrist on the inside of the arm. The realistic blood vessels are entwined with the roots of a bare tree that is filled with branches reaching toward the inner elbow. There is a tiny, single blossom at the top of this tree.


This tree tattoo wraps around the arm with pine tree silhouettes that are at different heights. One of the tree in the grouping is particularly full and has interesting shading around its foliage. There are eagles that are flying around the forest heights in this tattoo.


Trees are perfect subjects for tree tattoos, as shown in this example. The artist uses various shades of black and gray to create pine trees of various heights around the whole arm. The start from a dark band of underbrush around the wrist and reach to the elbow.


The bear is an iconic woodland symbol and is represented in this sleeve tattoo. A detailed grizzly is walking along the path that forms the base around the wrist. He is surrounded by a forest of tall pine trees that go completely around the arm at elbow-length.


This tree tattoo has the dark nuances of a Hitchcock film. It covers the top of the guy’s arm with a giant, gnarled tree that is reaching for the full moon that is glowing from the shoulder. A sinister flock of crows fly around the top of the tree into the misty clouds on the moonlit night.


Sometimes, subtle imagery makes big statements, like this miniature pine tree. It is so realistic that you can see the needles on the branches. This particular tattoo was put on the guy’s forearm, but it would fit nicely anyplace you wanted to put it.

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