This is one of the most eye catching inks that you can get for yourself. It is a mix up of tribal patterns with the flawless design of geometric simplicity. It is the equivalent of mathematical equations that is very profound to the naked eye.


Nobility is a good trait to have; this is exactly what the deer symbolizes in the art of tattooing. It has a gentle and humble feel to it, almost like a relaxing effect to those who look at this majestic tattoo. Still it stays true to the significance of the triangle shapes that are incorporated in the design.


Tattoos ideas can be found everywhere. This is one of a circuit board placed in Geometric perfection. Dots and points connecting with lines running around them.


A triangle with different points connecting with needle points. It is rounded off with smaller tattoos around the borders.


This is the simplest of tattoos only using very thin lines. The design is very simplistic but the nautical effect of the stars gives it more depth then you would expect. There would not be one flaw that you would find in this tattoo. The placement is also important because it comes from a place of strength and people believe strength can be gained from correct placements of tattoos.


A space-inspired forearm tattoo featuring hexagons in various shades of blue. The design travels from the elbow to the wrist, and is primarily on the back of the arm. The hexagons overlap with a colorful area reminiscent of a glitch.


The manly geometric tattoo features a wolf’s head on the left pectoral area. It cuts off at the wolf’s neck, ending near the armpit. The wolf is made of polygons; it’s shaded with a technique called stippling, using tiny pinpricks.


Covering the arm from shoulder to wrist, this geometric concept idea features interlocking triangles that gradually elongate as the travel up the body. They are all black, but remain only as outlines. Each triangle is a different size and shape.


This reptilian design features a solid background crisscrossed with blank spaces that define complex geometric shapes. The tattoo is space themed and colored shades of blue and purple. It covers the back of the forearm from elbow to wrist.


Resembling a solar system, this simple and minimalistic tattoo features interlocking rings as well as some smaller symbols such as a bird, bottle, sun, and fish. It covers the upper chest area with thin lines and could represent astrological features.

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