The yin-yang offers many tattoo ideas for men interested in symbolic geometric pattern. This particular tattoo takes the simple design and mixes it with a mosaic pattern of interlocking ovals. The concept is vaguely floral, and made of simple lines.


Impressively abstract, this unorthodox tattoo travels from the shoulder blade to the elbow. A bold, downward pointed triangle on the shoulder is connected to a series of lines that repeatedly cross each other as they travel down the upper arm.


This large deer covers most of the inner arm from elbow to wrist. It outshines other geometric tattoos by depicting the deer with complex polygons and amazing shading. The buck’s antlers appear semi realistic even though they are geometric shapes.


For those with an artistic flair, this geometric tattoo design provides unorthodox inspiration. Featuring the golden spiral traveling from the shoulder to underneath the arm, this tattoo is simple yet meaningful. It curves around the back for a minimalist feel.


This low polygon bear is a geometric tattoos idea men might want to consider. Located between the shoulder blades, the portrait is simple but remains striking. Very little is shaded, and the bear is made of only a few lines.


This large leg design offer many geometric tattoo ideas with various patterns traveling from the ankle to just above the name. The color gradually changes between shades of purple and green, a mosaic of interlocking lines vaguely oceanic or marine.


This concept could be found in Picasso’s gallery of geometric art pieces. The style mixes realistic features with random polygons covering part of the subject’s face. One normal eye remains, while the rest of his face is much more abstract.


The proud lion offers ideas for geometric tattoos for men that will stand out. This design depicts half a lion face made of polygons with a growing mane in similar shapes. It almost appears to be made of shards of glass.


Many tattoo ideas are inspired by nature. This tiger is no exception, it’s large face half realistic, half geometric. The geometric side is strategically shaded to represent tiger stripes while the realistic half builds complex facial features for the animal.


This full sleeve design cover the arm from shoulder to wrist with fractal concepts that remind the viewer of harsh snowflakes and flower mandalas. Each design element is connected with tiny geometric patterns that create a web between the features.