The guy in this photo has applied the tattoo on his biceps, and it looks elegant. The eye appears to have a biomechanical design, which draws attention to it. With such a design, this tattoo obviously has a specific symbolism.


This is another eye tattoo design that comes with a rich taste of art. The color theme is not vibrant, but you can notice the artistry in the eyeball. There seems to be a man with his dog, and the wearer could be passing a message.


You might call this tattoo basic, especially with the simple eye design. Nonetheless, it carries an incredible level of 3D effects. Also, it is applied to the guy’s Adam’s apple; so it might have a specific symbolism. The color theme is basic but unique.


This is among the eye tattoos for guys that are into geometrical tattoos. The tattoo comes with a simple design, but it is accompanied with other elements that make it extra unique. It features some geometric objects that have a specific meaning.


You might categorize this one under the eye-design tattoos, but it carries some one-of-a-kind level of artistry. The tattoo features a teary eye, which is shedding colors, and there is a boy below it with an umbrella. An absolutely impressive design.


This one is among the most unique tattoo ideas for men, especially due to the design. The tattoo features an eye that is encircled with a wavy artwork all around. It has some geometrical design, which gives it a hidden meaning.


One thing to notice about this tattoo is the artistry perfection. It features various images and elements, but the 3D effect is impressive. There is a head of a bearded guy, along with an eye in a triangle, a skull, and a mic.


This guy has applied the tattoo on his knee, and it comes with an appealing design. One eye has a basic design, but the other one carries a rich level of 3D effects. The different designs mean that the tattoo has a specific meaning.


The guy in this pic has transferred the exact design of the eye on the paper to his arm. The artistry level is noticeable, even though it has a basic color theme. Whether the eye design has a specific meaning or not, the tattoo is appealing.


This is another eye design tattoo that comes with a blend of geometrical elements. The eye in the tattoo is encircled with circles and lines that join to form a hexagon. It has a nice level of 3D effects, and might be carrying a hidden meaning.

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