If matching tattoos is your cup of tea, then this image should get your attention. This work of art, which visually screams of a beautiful painting, depicts various shades of color with a prominent eye in the fold of each elbow (or leg) with a distorted brain directly beneath each eye. Quite a visual masterpiece, this tattoo, either individually or twined, is an expansive gem.


Quite beautiful yet relatively simple, this beautiful tattoo promotes essentially a side-eye glance with a distorted albeit visually pleasing pupil. Fitting perfectly across the width of the forearm, the striking white designs of the pupil tend to stand out the most.


Noted by its wide appearance yet beautiful structure, this wonderful art showcases the traditional image of a human eye with a nice flair. Located in the middle of the eye, essentially playing the role of the pupil, sits a timepiece with a winding hand. Certainly a visually pleasing tattoo as well as an opinion piece, this eye appears to be at the mercy of the hands of time.


Perfectly placed on the bicep (from a side angle) this is one of the tattoo ideas that defines the human eye in almost perfect measure. Highlighted by some rather incredible eyelashes, the detail on this particular piece of art is quite impressive. With notable whites of the eyes coupled with a penetrating dark pupil, this tattoo really leaps to the surface in more ways than one.


Designed as a wrist piece, as noted by the image, this tattoo features a finely detailed tearful eye with a striking blue eye color. Almost lifelike in many respects, this piece of art feels like it truly belongs. Somewhat deeply set from an artistic standpoint, the realism of this tattoo is both beautiful and haunting.


Perfect for attention getting, visual stimulation, and even the potential theatrics caused by others, this tattoo depicts a person seemingly trapped inside of an eye. Quite possibly the ideal artwork for a horror film, the petrified depiction of the eye is hallmarked by a hand reaching out from the eye itself. This ink showcase is highly detailed and thought-provoking.


Very symbolic and captivating, this tattoo of an eye is featured in the middle of the chest. Encased within the pattern of a very unique hand design, the eye itself is perfectly centered with a black crest above the upper eyelid. The overall detail is very beautiful and the art is certainly intriguing.


Taking the form of almost a mindbender maze or optical illusion, this particular tattoo features a human eye in the midst of chaos. The black wavy lines, although simple, essentially bring this piece to life and form a very interesting total body or art. Additionally, the appearance of tears within the eye itself is a nice touch.


Essentially a variation of the well-known Eye of Providence symbol, this tattoo depicts an eye encased in a triangle. Quite symbolic for a variety of reasons, this tattoo (and the symbol itself) is often referred to as the all seeing eye or the Illuminati eye.


Quite complex and incredibly expansive, this back tattoo features an eye that essentially looks like a giant hole. While not incredibly detailed in the most traditional sense, this tattoo is very creative and certainly a unique piece of art. This is especially true when you consider that the tattoo actually spreads over onto the shoulders as well as the back section of each arm and tricep area.

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