Filling up the underside of the arm, this eye tattoo is very interesting and very detailed. Featured in black, this more traditional eye shape gives way to a very unique pupil that is hallmarked by a flight of stairs with a lone and shadowy figure making his or her way to the top. Easily open for interpretation, this tattoo is both visually and mentally appealing.


Undeniably striking, this snake eye tattoo is extremely detailed. Complete with scales and the vivid pattern of a menacing eye, the art depicted in this tattoo is fierce. In respect to gender, this basic concept, as well as its endless possibilities for variation, could be the perfect eye tattoos for guys who are looking for a cutting edge and aggressive look.


Fitting nicely on the forearm, this detailed piece appears to depict a seemingly traditional human eye on the receiving end of cigarette smoke. Vividly inked at the lower half, the burning depicts clouds of smoke approaching the eye. Easily open for interpretation, this particular tattoo is quite beautiful and a bit haunting.


Very large and incredibly detailed, this tattoo depicts a beautiful eye (complete with long eyelashes) and what appears to be a family consisting of three people. Visually stunning to say the least, this piece of art is quite expansive yet detailed and thought-provoking.


Appearing on the side of the body, this tattoo is a case of pure imagination. Quite detailed yet essentially blurred to some degree, the mix of black and red in connection with what appears to be a misshapen or even torn away pupil only adds to the appeal of this particular ink design.


Loaded with remarkable detail, the concept of this eye ink is quite possibly the ultimate form of tattoos ideas. Complete with various gears surrounding the eyelids and what appears to be the working of a clock within the pupil, this piece of art is topped off by the emergence of a hand grasping hold of the bottom eyelid in an apparent effort to escape.


One of the most original eye tattoos idea in terms of placement, this image depicts ink on the back of a hand. Quite an attention getter, if for no other reason than its location, this particular tattoo showcases a traditional human eye with tears.


Essentially inked like a watch or perhaps wristband, this unique tattoo of an eye covers the entire wrist area and lower forearm. Wrapped in black, the eye itself sits on the top of the arm and is very detailed with a circular aura of light surrounding the centerpiece.


Placed on the forearm and quite menacing, this eye masterpiece depicts a jagged and almost fading eye complete with long eyelashes and a penetrating red pupil that is designed to mimic that of either a cat or a snake. Yet another high quality attention grabber, this particular piece of art is very expansive yet incredibly detailed.


Rather penetrating thanks to its powerful color patterns, most notably the orange/red, this eye ink depicts a somewhat human eye with a fiery pupil. Quite a visual work of art, this tattoo appears to be placed on either the wrist and forearm area or the lower leg.

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