This 3-D design is perfect for anyone looking for a great shoulder tattoo idea. If you aren’t looking to tattoo something in particular, and small intricate designs aren’t for you, the perfect shading in this might be the way to go. The dark tones as well as the bold design make this a great tattoo idea for men.


Designs are captivating. They can fascinate and enthrall the viewer, and this one is no different. With a skillfully crafted turtle swimming in the pool of designs, this black ink tattoo is stunning. The simple lotus patterns at the top and bottom only add to its astounding charm.


Hyper-realistic, this is what tattoos are all about – letting your creativity and imagination run free. Seeing the lion on the shoulder, you can almost hear the roar escape its mouth. Entirely in black ink, the careful shading, strong strokes, and wonderful detailing have come together to capture a moment in time.


Eagles are majestic, powerful, and the ultimate predators. They also make for stunning tattoos such as this one. Shaded in black, you can see a realistic creation of the bird as it comes close to capturing its prey – talons out!


Simple black ink designs can look downright awful when not created and placed properly. This, however, is an example of tattooing done right. With the tail of the design extending onto the chest, the ink doesn’t clutter the shoulder. In fact, the circular patch of bare skin within only emphasizes the perfection of the tattoo itself.


This one is a great idea for men looking to get an extended shoulder tattoo. It covers the shoulder as well as the back. It comprises of the combination of simple lines and strokes, along with shading which gives it a 3-D effect. The shading also gives it a metallic texture, while the reddish-brown tint simply emphasizes the tattoo, differentiating it from bare skin.


Designs can be anything, ranging from fish to dragons, and even scorpions. This unique tattoo depicts the shoulders with beautifully detailed black ink epaulets. These also sport a small skull, right on the edge. Moreover, the two holy figures on the chest create a band of tattoos, immediately drawing all eyes upon them.


Here is something every fighter needs – an armor. This one is clearly broken (perhaps because of a previous battle), but has been sufficiently patched. Since all of us have been through a battle of sorts in life, this tattoo is an incredible symbol of survival. The simple dark shades around the edges of the design depict that the skin itself is your armor.


A unique animal, here you can see the octopus in all its magnificence as it stays stuck to the shoulder. A beautiful tattoo, it is a cool idea for anyone who loves and admires these sea creatures.


Emphasize your muscles with cleverly placed tattoos. Overdoing the ink will only hide all that’s beautiful underneath. Instead, this tattoo achieves the perfect balance of ink and bare skin to show off the muscles as they flex.

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