If you’re looking for shoulder tattoos that would seem lighter as the feather and yet powerful, this one is the winner for sure. So many lines, so many patterns and such a light-end effect. It looks as if you would be only covering your shoulder with a paper napkin.


The classic geometric style tattoo, but with enough space to breathe. The skin under and between the spaces is free and it looks very classy any nicely done with the details. Also the feather on the chest is very nicely incorporated into the whole concept.


This one is for all the tree huggers, green warriors and other earthly creatures. Definitely a very organic design and despite a lot of direct black ink, it still feels very natural and tuned in. The brown color nicely highlights the organic feel and you can almost smell the forest.


Very straightforward and clean. If you like things to be transparent and in order, you probably like this tattoo as well. I would though reccomend it to people with firm body lines since the whole concept can loses its purpose if your shoulder isn’t fit for such a design.


Classic maori geometrics. This tattoo style is probably one of the most common and yet so timeless. I bet that neither the tattoo masters, neither the clients every get tired of such a beauty. It definitely represents strenghts and confidence.


Tribal motives are very popular especially with men. The clear lines with geometric curves give you a certain serenity when you look at the design. The simple single color ink is nothing more and nothing less of what you need and you have said it all.


Somewhat a combination of tribal design with midevial touch and a lot of shadowing. It shows you that the owner is prone to detail and likes things to be real. Despite armour look, he is prepared to reveal the inside for a fair price.


If you want to go a step further from the classic skelleton, why not add it a bit of a funny, gypsy feel. This is definitely not a classic dark style, which obviously is reflecting the owners fun side. And what would the diamonds in his skelleton’s eyes say, if they could speak?


The second skin tattoos are always very powerful, no matter what anyone says. And if you add a symbol for radioactivity, others may very well ask what on earth was the guy thinking. But hey, who are they to judge. The piece of ink and shadow art on your body is very well worth the look.


An unusual piece of ink for sure. But it may be that you are an academic artists or a painter, why not have a piece of art on your shoulder, instead on the canvas? Maybe your muse has left and you can not get her out of your mind. Or maybe you are just looking for a different style.

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