Another classic ankle tattoo, a wing. Again a great reference to the ancient Greece, where gods walked among men. This one is portraying justice, it is portraying strength, and it represents freedom. A very strong tattoo design, indeed, not anyone could wear it.

Animal tattoo designs are always a good choice. The variety of animals offer a variety of symbols, so you can chose the one that describes you best and place it below your knee. However, this one can also be a mysterious one, because if you look carefully enough, you can see a shark in the back of the turtle.

Imagine that you have a tattoo like this, huh? A “pleasant surprise” on your ankle. The basic color contrast between the writing and the leg, is emphasizing the importance of this word. A great tattoo idea for man, a great minimalistic idea.

This tattoo design is a piece of art, nobody can deny it. If you’d find a word to describe it, it would be – poetry. Yes, this ankle tattoo design is a great connection of ancient images. The wolf is sleeping in a womb-like surrounding, where nature and home is. But, what would happen if he’d woke up?

An ankle tattoo that has the right and a strong statement about the life. The design of the fire is an old symbol presenting a great, uncontrollable force. It’s enough to mention that the fire is one of the Four Elements so we would understand the variety of meanings this tattoo can combine.

The Disco tattoo design. There’s nothing strange in this design, there is nothing mysterious, he’s all about good fun and good times in life. The variety of colors are supporting the previous sentence, and it also presents a colorful life.

The ankle tattoo that contains all masculine rules. The repetition and strong lines and shapes, and also the lack of colors, represent the aggressive and the severe man principle. However, if we see the whole picture and not just the parts, there is an image of rows of houses.

A good, classy tattoo design, probable would this one be a consideration of Nick Cave. The rose, with its dark shapes, remind us on a cold beauty we find in the outlaws and weirdos, and how they are a spice in the life. However, on the other side is a mark that even outlaws can love.

Ankle tattoo design with a strong message. We see only a small image of a bird, cartoonish bird. However, this bird is showing the great wisdom of accepting your contrasted side. It’s not unusual that the ankle tattoo with an image of a bird reminds us on Hermes again.

An ankle tattoo that gives respect to the late, H. R. Giger. Probably one of the basic sci-fi ideas, a wolf in sheep’s skin, a robot in men. The contrast between strong shapes of robots tissue and white, smooth tissue of men’s skin are emphasizing this.

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