Sonic is the lead in this full sleeve tattoo design that has been skillfully inked and outlined according to the video game elements. Tails, Knuckles and the SEGA logo are all present in this admirable representation of the classic favorite.


Game geek or not, this captivating design is worthy of recognition with its striking complexity and tons of popular video game characters packed into the arm. Vibrant colors make it highly attractive and flaunting it around is just as fun as playing a game!


Empower yourself over the World of Warcraft with the Horde Shield lurking underneath the skin being slowly unraveled. The torn flesh image looks quite realistic and this WOW tattoo might just be more wonderful than the gaming world, for once.


The BioShock programmed phrase “Would You Kindly” continues to gain widespread popularity and has entered the realm of video game tattoos. A blood-stained mask item adds to the irresistibly striking effect of these powerful and controlling words upon uttering them.


Brighter than the day is this vivid and compelling tattoo masterpiece based upon a myriad of video game most loved characters. Toad and Sonic are some of the most prominent, while patterns, shaped and objects from different games complete the image.


Nintendo games are an all-time favorite, and this tattoo makes for a timeless artwork. Almost everyone knows this plumber with a red hat bearing the letter M. Super Mario jumps to victory among some of his enemies in the classic game.


World of Warcraft tattoos ideas never fail to give a good first impression. This recognizable Horde tattoo centered on the human back is beautifully inked with a fine outline of dark borders, shades and shadows that makes it a must-have for every WOW gamer.


Who doesn’t love Nintendo games? Almost anyone you ask would have at least heard of it or have one favorite character. In this cool tattoo, Kirby and Super Mario are only a few of all the other time-tested video game characters who will never fade.


Megaman or Rockman fans will be struck with this awesome punch of a tattoo that looks perfectly drawn on the arm near the wrist and towards the fist! Cool blue matches his cool pose, but not as cool as video game enthusiasts will look with a rock-solid fantastic design.


Eevee makes one of the greatest video game tattoo ideas for Pokemon lovers. This creature’s genetic makeup causes it to suddenly mutate in relation to the environment, and this blazing fox-like form is undeniably one of the most beautiful of all.


Magnificent color combinations and the elegance of black & white complements the other in this full sleeve gaming tattoo design draped on either arm. Epic rivals Sonic and Knuckles rule each arm only to end at the triangular pattern set upon the wrists.




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