Boo – yet another character from the Super Mario universe is illustrated here along with his girlfriend. He is wearing a crown on his head and is daringly sticking his tongue out. His girlfriend, however, isn’t amused since her face is pink from the shame.


Inspired by the ultimate brutal fighting game – Mortal Kombat – this tattoo chills the blood in the veins of those who see it. Hanzo Hasashi or the Scorpion is one of the meanest heroes and vengeance will always be his!


World of Warcraft has always been a limitless source of inspiration for many artists. This beautiful sleeve is no exception either. It represents the dualism of good and evil, Sylvanas Windrunner, and the Drow Ranger she later became.


Legend of Zelda was the favorite role-playing game of the kids who grew up with it. The Eye Symbol is a part of the mysterious Sheikah culture. The eye and the Triforce in the middle are painted in red, while the outer part is black.


Bethesda also has another series based on the post-nuclear era – the Fallout series. This vivid artwork in the style of WWII propaganda posters is a paradigm of a dedicated Fallout gamer. It portrays a blonde boy in a blue-yellow tracksuit, while a nuclear explosion is happening in the background.


Crash Bandicoot fans will love this tattoo idea. It depicts Aku Aku, the spirit of the witch doctor living in a wooden mask. The colors are rich and lively with four feathers on top: red, blue, green and yellow. The mask is showing an expression of surprise.


Another creative gamer tattoo design is this steampunk inspired BioShock illustration. Big Daddy is in the foreground with his huge drill instead of his right hand wearing a heavy armored diving suit. BioShock fans will love this tattoo.


Those who prefer Japanese graphic illustrations will find this picture of Sora and his Keyblade, which separates the darkness and the light, awesome. Kingdom Hearts is an RPG of choice of many gamers, and this colorful illustration is an excellent tattoo idea for them.


For the fans of Final Fantasy Franchise, this beautiful 3D shoulder armor sleeve is a dream come true. Although it doesn’t provide any protection, it surely looks wicked with the Fenrir wolf in the middle and a leather strap emerging from below the skin.


For the members of the Assassin’s Creed fanfiction, this figure symbolizes the fight against the Templars. It is called the Assasin Insignia, and it’s portrayed in a brutal 3D effect that seemingly punctures the skin from beneath.

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