This is a tattoo which is best meant for guys who want to hold the memory of a loved one close to them. The tattoo is of a dove that is carrying an olive branch with the words kaetlee written just above it and a date written just below the word. Another word, Leo, is written besides the dove with the date, 1-20-02 written below the word.


This tattoo of a dove flying is the perfect tattoo idea that any man wishing to have a tattoo should have. This tattoo is of a white dove flying just below some very dark clouds with the sun on the far left shining rays of sunlight into the clouds.


This is the perfect tattoo for anyone who wants something that is going to cover most of their fore arm. This is a tattoo of a white dove flying with roses in its background and foreground. Some word are also written in between roses.


A Tattoo of a white dove is best suited to show the memory of someone. This tattoo best does that. It depicts a white dove flying in the sky with a background of heavy clouds behind it. Rays of sunshine appear to be emanating from the dove. The tattoo also shows a pair of hands held out just below a scroll with the words, forever missed never forgotten, written on it. There is also a staircase in the midst of it all.


This tattoo is best suited for the religious men. It is a black and white tattoo which shows a man releasing a dove into the air. The man is probably Jesus. The dove is done in such a way that only its outlines are drawn.


This tattoo is best placed on one’s back because its features are best viewed on a large surface. The tattoo shows a pair of hands releasing a white dove into the air with clouds in its background. Another white dove appears to be flying high above the one that had just been released.


This very detailed tattoo has several images encompassed to come up with a work of art. There are two white doves in the tattoo with a cloudy background. Above these two doves, is a cross and a rose. The words my savior are written just below the doves.


This is a very simple tattoo that consists of a white dove and a cloudy background. The dove is flying below very dark clouds. The clouds have a slight opening that allow some light to shine through and illuminate the bird.


This is an exceptional tattoo idea whose uniqueness lies in its simplicity. The tattoo is of a dove flying from some clouds. A catholic rosary is included in the tattoo being shown as it is placed both behind and in front of the dove.


This is a very unique tattoo which has a lot of doves in it. The tattoo shows a castle within the clouds with doves flying away from the castle. Sunshine rays also seem to be emanating from the backdrop of the castle towers.

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