This beautiful tattoo of a dove is best drawn on a man’s upper arm. The black and white dove which appears to be flying with the backdrop of some clouds, appears to have some rays of sunshine or glory emanating from its head.


This specific dove tattoo shows what appears to be a white dove flying towards a rose flower. Above the dove are some clouds which make it seem like the dove is flying from them. Sunshine seems to be shining from the clouds onto the dove and the rose flower.


This is yet another unique tattoo that clearly shows a white dove flying from with dark clouds. The section of the clouds surrounding the dove are dark while those around the dark clouds are all white.


This unique tattoo shows a white dove flying with some dark shades of black on its underbelly and just below its wings. There are flowers around the dove which have varying shades of red and blue. The tattoo is in such a way that the dove appears to be flying out of these flowers.


This is a simple tattoo idea for men who want to have something unique on their back. This tattoo shows a simple dove flying without any background or words. The dove is of a slightly dirty white color bordering on brown.


This is a beautiful tattoo of a flying dove with a rose. It is a symbol of freedom and beauty. This design would be great for an arm. However it would also look great on any part of the body.


This is a design of a flying dove holding an olive branch. It comprises of some really beautiful colors. This cool design is a symbol of success and victory. It is one of the most common designs in dove tattoos. It can be drawn on any part of the body.


This lovely design of a dove looks great as the wings of the dove are similar to those of an angel. An angel is a messenger of love and happiness. This beautiful design is used a lot amongst the dove tattoo art.


This is again a design of a dove holding an olive branch, but with different colors. It has beautiful shades which make it a very attractive tattoo. The blue shades of the clouds look as if God is showering blessings through this lovely messenger.


This huge tattoo has many doves along with a praying angel. It looks as if these marvelous angels of God have come to us to give us lot of love and happiness. The wings of the Angel and the doves are beautifully shaded making it an ideal dove tattoo.

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