This beautifully inked peacock feather with cursive inscription at the bottom uses bright colors and nice line and curve work to bring it to life. With the bright blue inks of the inner feather being nicely contrasted by the deep purple of the outer side and the nice text work on the bottom inscription, this tattoo redefines the iconic feather imagery in tattooing.


Done in tremendous black and grays, this tattoo of falling feathers and encircling birds lends an emotionally ripe metaphoric imagery to the inscription ‘Carpe Diem’. The color and art style in this piece give the tattoo an old-school jail house feel.


Another innovative work based on a modern classic image in tattooing. The design and color usage on the feather and birds really set this tattoo apart from others based on the same image however, with the white and gray inks giving this tattoo a wispy and airy quality.


Done in contrasting blue inks, this tattoo uses shading and color patterns to pull off a beautiful piece. The artistic flourishes of the background and the fade of the work provide it with life as the juxtaposition in bright and dark blue ink really make this tattoo pop.


The color choice of fine gray and subtle black ink allows this tattoo the ambiance of a feather drawn in an artist’s notebook while the deep blacks and superb lettering give the work its depth. The thin lines and simple design give this piece an air of creative artistry.


If there is one thing that says spirituality in the best way possible, it’s feathers. So this black ink shoulder tattoo represents just that as the feather dissolves into birds, flying freely into the celestial realm.


This beautiful feather tattoo is only emphasized by the bright patches of blue and green ink. The black stands in stark contrast against the color, while the phrase ‘Dreaming is Believing’ is seen on the top.


One of the best feather tattoo ideas out there, this simple deign is perfect for the forearm. The detail within only serve to make it delightful, while the design itself represents wisdom.


If you’re looking for some great feather tattoos, this might just be it. After all, what’s better than a single feather – two feathers! Inked on in black, one on each forearm, it depicts the most valued virtues, as well wisdom, and knowledge.


If the standard feather tattoos idea is too passé for your taste, then this tribal version would be perfect. The black ink design is sure to turn all heads as it beautifully adorns your arm. It is unique and innovative – but best of all, it can also be easily covered up with a long sleeve when the occasion demands it.

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