While some men like to keep their tattoos simple, others don’t fear making a bold statement. For those men who enjoy tattoos to the fullest, here is the perfect arm length idea for you. The background is done in black and white, while the feathers stand out in a bright orange.


This innovative geometric take on the ever-so-delicate feather is one of the best tattoo ideas for men. It brings about a sense of symmetry and logic to the natural beauty.


Matching forearm tattoos are becoming a popular trend, and for good reason – they look amazing! These identical geometric feathers just prove the point. They bring about a sense of harmony and symmetry in the raging sea of possibilities.


If you’re looking for good tattoo ideas, this might just be it. The detailed feather tattoo is adorned with a beautiful stylized inscription reading ‘Mum Dad’. This is one of the best way to commemorate the people who have made you their entire world – where words fall short, a beautiful image speaks volumes!


The feather and the leaf are two very similar creations. However, while one depicts freedom, the other growth. Both together represent the formula for success. So why not get them inked on alongside one another? This wicked black ink tattoo shows you just how this can be done best!


This black ink back tattoo is small enough for those guys who like to keep it simple, yet stunning enough to make heads turn. As the feather dissolves into birds, it represents complete and utter freedom.


If you’re looking for an incredible full length arm tattoo – this wonderful creation brings your search to an end! The phenomenally detailed white feathers make the entire design stand out while the red and black shading adds the perfect contrast to the whole composition.


This dreamy black ink tattoo is the best way of making your angelic self known to the world. With two wings sprouting out of your back, there will be no doubt about who you really are! It depicts the wings you were born with, but could never see – the wings of freedom that would allow you to traverse the winds of possibilities with ease.


Nothing can top this incredible side feather tattoo – it is detailed with a collage of designs, making for a sensational end result. The black ink only serves to highlight the contrast created with the skin tone, while the tattoo itself will make all heads turn!


This stunning tattoo is inked in black and shades of gray. It shows a feather surrounded by numerous birds and stands for the creatures’ absolute freedom. Getting this inked on would depict a freedom of self, representing an individual not governed by societal norms.

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