This Chinese dragon is yet another cool idea for a tattoo. The extremely detailed drawing is present in front of a red background. While the backdrop is an inherent reminder of fire, the dragon is a masterpiece in itself as the detailed shading truly makes it stand out.


Hands down, the best dragon tattoo ever. This unique, yet splendid blue dragon takes over the entire back. It is a less common yet exceedingly beautiful design guaranteed to capture eyes. With unbelievable detail and careful shading, this creation is steals the limelight!

Mike Rubendall dragon

Chinese culture features some amazing dragons. Inspired by it, this tattoo brings out the attributes of the blazing beast in the alluring conglomeration of colors. The black and white shading of the scales only ensures that the rest of the dragon stands out, creating a wonderful contrast.


Terrifying, fierce, and completely in power – that’s what the tattoo seems to say. The black and white contrast of the western dragon depicts the Arthurian knight’s worst nightmare, and the modern-day fantasy!


The Chinese see in the dragon the primal forces of nature as well as the universe. You can see that in this one tattoo. It is a beautiful balance of hot and cold colors, depicting a harmony within the mighty beast itself. It depicts the powerful grandeur of the elements of nature, with every scale, leaf, flame, and talon created to perfection.


This black wonder is on my list of the top 10 dragon tattoos of all time. Taking over the shoulder like it will take over your dreams, it is a beautiful dragon, shaded to provide a realistic appearance. The dark background as well as the beautifully designed clouds make it appear more 3 dimensional. And when work calls, this is nothing a shirt can’t hide!


A beautiful twist on the red and black dragon, here the fire is clearly visible in his eyes. While the shaded black scales only serve to highlight he red, this is a great tattoo idea for the entire back!


This dangerous dragon design in black is guaranteed to add a little spice to your life. With strong black flames, the beast itself is an intricate creation. Careful attention paid to each scale, the face, and the talons.


This one is a cross between the Eastern and the Western dragon. The darker shading will get your hearts racing while the subtle brown hue of the face makes it stand out. The red eye, however, is what catches the eye – a reminder of imminent danger and ultimate power.


Taking over the top half of the back, you can see the magnificent beast as though in reality. This three dimensional tattoo is achieved with careful shadows and perfect shading all across its sketched frame, thereby making it pop.

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