Talking about 3-D, there is no better way to do this than with the help of some black. The more the contrast, the better, and this is best seen in this tattoo idea. But what’s amazing is that instead of the ferocious, terrifying beast, this detailed black tattoo sports a comic dragon’s face. After all, ever dragon isn’t scary!


The beast, here, is as ferocious as it can get. The reddish-brown hue of the wings serves as the perfect contrast for the shaded black dragon. The detailed, realistic drawing is what makes this a great idea for dragon tattoos. Moreover, framing of the dragon in a Celtic design at the top, and a rocky edge at the bottom ensure that all eyes are drawn to the supernatural creature.


You can almost hear the roar of the dragon when looking at this wonder. Entirely in black, it takes up the whole back. The shaded designs as well as the clear contrast meant to bring the tattoo to life does just that. You will be left waiting for him to shoot fire – the sparks are already on the tongue!


Another reminder of the more happier dragon, this shaded black tattoo depicts the balance of nature. The Japanese inscription and the cherry blossoms give the surreal creature a sense of peace and harmony.


What could be more powerful than a dragon spanning your entire chest and arms? The bright green dragon is the color of absinthe, and represents the strength you could only dream of achieving.


The Blue Dragon makes an appearance. But with a mane of fire and flowers floating around, his savage nature is subdued, instead depicting a harmony of sorts. The red eyes, however, could haunt your nightmares.


The classic struggle between man and God, this one is truly a piece of art. Here, the giant is not fearsome nor terrifying, but rather an all-knowing, all-powerful creature looking down upon an unfortunate mortal. The beautiful flowers integrated with the traditional Chinese drawing style make this tattoo stand out.


An upper arm tattoo with wonderful detail. The black dragon had attention paid to each scale, muscle, and flame emerging from the face. It is the perfect combination of the stylized and the realistic designs.


This tribal dragon tattoo is stunning in black. It depicts the Chinese, surreal, god-like dragons in their true element – fire. The black stands out against the skin, ensuring that all eyes are on you – provided the tattoo is visible, of course.


The perfect flying dragon, this small tattoo is a westernized, realistic, depiction of the mighty creature, portraying its more savage and free nature. The detail paid to the muscle, the nerves within the wings, the scales, and the face, bring it to life.

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