Looks kind of like a crossbreed of an oriental dragon and the Incredible Hulk with its green color and muscular arms. The color combination of black and green works amazingly well and the design is depicts anger, strength, and fearlessness.


This black and white back design is a glaring testament to the level of artistic detailing and effort that goes into creating a great tattoo. The design features a coiled dragon ready to pounce on its victim. The highlight, however, has to be the dragon’s head, which is drawn intricately to depict every little wrinkle, hair strand, and tooth.


Featuring great black and gray shading work, this tattoo takes one step forward from the simple tribal designs. The head of the dragon is drawn beautifully to give it an almost snake-like appearance complete with a reptilian eye. Overall, this tattoo should look great on any muscular arm.


There is something about red and black designs that gives a very mystical and oriental look to any tattoo. The tattoo depicts an all black dragon bordered with beautiful red flowers and branches. The design beautifully envelops an entire leg, which, by the way, would remain completely out of view if you wear a full pant.


Styled in a completely different way, the dragon is drawn using colorful strokes. Primarily sky blue in color, the dragon has a phoenix-like appearance and seems to be gliding in midair. This tattoo covers a large area on the back and suited for anyone who likes colorful and nontraditional designs.


A full length chest dragon tattoo covering the shoulders, this one is a vivid melange of colors. While the fiery beast is portrayed in warm shades, as is apt, its surroundings are a clear representation of cold colors, depicting water. In Chinese culture, this dragon is associated with masculinity, strength and power – and the sun-like face of the dragon seems to assert the same.


This is a simple, black, stylized tattoo which evokes the fiery essence of the dragon. The tips of the wings resemble tridents, signifying his ultimate power.


A classic in red and black, this Chinese dragon tattoo is a great idea for those who see dragons as magnificent, powerful, and godly creatures. The intricate scaling as well as the fearsome claws and eyes are mesmerizing.


Add a touch of adventure to your lives with this colorful yet fearsome Chinese dragon. Filled with the power of warm, fiery colors, this is the true symbol of majesty and power.


A beautiful, bold stylized dragon design, this tattoo spans the side of the chest as well as the arms. Entirely in black, the design is forms a beautiful contrast against the lighter skin tone.

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