If you’re looking for a wrist tattoo, something too big might not be the best idea. This black ink design here, however, is perfect. While it appears simple, the detail in the feathers is breathtaking.


An ideal neck tattoo for men, the dreamcatcher is meant to represent the onset of good things. The black ink design along with the detailed shading makes the tattoo come to life. Moreover, the placement ensures that it doesn’t become a hindrance in formal situations either!


If you like the more artistic designs, you cannot say no to this one. The black outlined tattoo ensures that this powerful Native American symbol is enhanced amid delicate swirls. The design gives this simple tattoo a magical appearance.


If you’d like to macho up the dreamcatcher, there is no better way to do it than seen here. This tattoo uses just the right colors to steer away from the more romantic notion of the symbol. Covering the upper arm, it is the perfect representation of chaos and power.


Here, while the dreamcatcher itself is done in black and brown ink, its background is inked on in light blue. Moreover, the center is filled with a yellow-orange combination like the sunset, and in there, you can see a monster leaping out!


A simple dreamcatcher design, this one ensures that it looks elegant no matter where you ink it on. While the black lining makes it stand out, its small size makes it easily concealable – so if you’re worried about facing the more formal situations and yet want the right tattoo, this one is perfect for you!


This stunner shows the beauty of the dreamcatcher in the most colorful way possible. The bright shades bring the tattoo to life, while the simple design is perfect for the men who want to keep it uncomplicated.


This gorgeous tribal take on the dreamcatcher is sure to win anyone over. Its simple style makes it all the more impressive as the feathers dangle below. The net, however, is replaced by a fox – the wise and noble messenger of the Native Americans. With this tattoo, he is sure to convey some good tidings into your life.


If you’d like to cut back on all the elaborate details, this one might be ideal for you. The simple black outline ensures the perfect dreamcatcher to usher in good tidings without making a big fuss about the entire design!


Bring that dreamcatcher to life with this extraordinary design. The combination of red and light blue is sure to make you the center of attention everywhere. The yellow and brown frame ensures that the dreamcatcher looks as beautiful as ever. But just to keep the colors from becoming overwhelming, the shades of gray work to balance the entire design out!

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