This large, brilliant piece sits in the center of the upper back. Within the dreamcatcher is a beautiful scene of mountains, trees, and flowing river. Clouds, bird and moon atop. Multiple colors enhance the artwork, and five feathers hang below.


Design rests on ankle and is different from traditional dreamcatcher designs as it is a bit asymmetrical. Inside is a paw print surrounded by brown shading. Beadwork is woven atop, while two feathers curve left shadowed in red and black.


Bright blue dream catcher design with shadowing and a woven appearance with a spiral mosaic inside. Three feathers fall beneath with brown shadowed beading connecting them to the piece. Feathers are shadowed in black with detailed strings hanging below.


Inner arm design with alternating blue and black for contrast Dreamcatcher has multi-dimensional mosaic interior, with the appearance of beads woven inside. Three feathers hang beneath in varying blue hues; the middle one being a detailed peacock feather.


This large, bold design is inked entirely in black, positioned on upper back near left shoulder. It consists of two attached dreamcatchers, each of unique design. Three large black feathers hang below which balance the piece and show beautiful perspective.


A bit of raised skin or scarring is incorporated into the circular design of this piece. A red birdlike image rests inside the circle and two bluish tinted feathers hang off the left side. Green and yellow beadwork also incorporated.


This piece is positioned on the upper arm near the shoulder. The dreamcatcher sits at an angle, outlined in bold black with multi-colored beads surrounding it. A paw print is in the center and two black feathers hang beneath it.


This tattoo is in all black with little shading. Inside the center is a cross with a yin and yang design directly in the middle of the piece. Five symmetrical feathers hang beneath with detailed outlining to show contrast.


This beautiful illustration depicts a wounded Indian atop a horse, inked entirely in black. In contrast, the background is a dreamcatcher with a bright yellow and red interior. Several black and white feathers hang from the bottom.


This vivid design almost resembles a deconstructed dreamcatcher, as the pink and brown shadowing is outlined in black and separated in feather-like shapes. Ropes are drawn inside and the feathers are intricately drawn. Provides stark contrast to the skin.

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