The eagle tattooed on this stomach is again part of a larger artwork, with sleeve and chest tattoos. The eagle, with his outstretched wings and claws has not been drawn in as much detail as the other tattoos and the words “You must be this tall to ride” can be seen together with a red arrow.


This lower stomach tattoo appears to be a tribute because we can see the word “Dad” underneath an angel with wings. The angel is seen in profile and the eyes are closed and hands pressed together, perhaps in prayer. We can also see a crucifix that is being held in between the hands.


This incredible full chest and stomach tattoo obviously took a lot of time to create. Within the fine detail we can see the face of a creature which could be a dragon. There are lots of spikes and sharp features in this piece, the artist has created excellent texture.


This tattoo shows the image of a man with curled hair that appears to be standing in the nude. The design has a period feel and the man may be an angel. He is shrouded in some kind of material which he is opening with his hand.


A vicious looking wolf is featured in this tattoo and our attention is drawn to yellow color on the eyes. There are areas with solid black, and red has been used around the mouth to accentuate the sharp white teeth.


This bold tattoo shows a skull, which is cracked and missing some bone on the top. The inside of the eye sockets have been colored with black and deep red ink and there seems to be another scene within them.


Among stomach tattoos, we often find cartoon inspired images. This tattoo is a depiction of Popeye, identifiable by the pipe in his mouth and the anchor tattoo on his arm. In the background, we see Olive Oil, a lighthouse and another ship.


This tattoo is a picture of the famous London Clock Tower. The Tower is surrounded by water, as if there has been a flood and we can see a small figure rowing a boat in the still waters that reflect the Tower.


Red, orange, yellow and blue color inks have been used to create this interesting tattoo. In the center we see an image of teepees and trees, with a skull on one side and an Indian person on the other. Both the skull and the Indian are wearing traditional headdresses.


Here we see a tattoo of a dog or wolf that is looking upwards after being shot by numerous arrows. The creatures’ mouth is open and there is a pattern of curved black lines coming out from it, possibly representing the soul leaving the body.

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