When venturing into flower tattoo ideas for men, color should be considered. This is a great presentation of a deep red rose with darker shades where the petals meet and a lighter green for the buds. The mastery in this piece depicts masculinity and retro design.


Fierce eyes, sharp canines and an adorable cartoonish touch is all captured in this multicolored tattoo design for men. It is particularly designed for personalities that are going for spectacular and could be easily worn by men.


The artist skillfully places this serpent tattoo design horizontally on the stomach. The tri-colored snake is depicted on a scary manner emerging from a serpent hole from one side of the stomach with its mouth wide open. However this authentic ink work falls nothing short of beautiful.


The use of symbolic color could have not been used better as depicted here the fiery orange symbolizing a blazing afterlife as the presence of the skull in the graveyard outlines the harsh reality of life and death. The naked tree branches and the foggy illusion have are worth admiration as the details are very intricate.


A large intricate serpent tattoo design adorns the stomach area. The snake is placed side by side with flower elements that blend well together giving the rather harsh symbolism of the snake a soft touch. The pop of color accentuates and complements the boldness of the design.


Plain black ink is not boring after all. This geometric design has been crafted with such creativity that it utterly suits its placement location. Moreover, the use of bold lines and writing ensures that the entire tattoo stands out and one would be proud to display.


Here is a classic nautical compass and skull combination that is blended with different features. The simple dark ink design clearly depicts sophistication and class. It extensively covers the stomach area therefore very catchy.


Showstopper great white shark tattoo design that creates an underwater feel. The deep blue sea backdrop creates a realistic illusion to marine life. The great white is also placed at a perfect angle mimicking one in motion. This thriller piece is most popular among men and the placement location on the abdomen is most preferable.


Magnificent ornate stomach tattoo that is quite extensive. It is based on a monochromatic theme done to very high precision with the details crafted interestingly to perfection. This piece of art adds another facet of beauty to personality that is highly suggested as Christian from the elements.


Two dimensional, bashed in skull with a sharp transition between different shades giving it an almost three dimensional effect. The use of the red color for the eyes and mouth is a particularly spectacular feature of this ink design that enhances the outlook of the entire tattoo rendering it unique.

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