Watercolor themed tattoos manage to put a lot of emotions into the art, here we have a uniquely designed tattoo of a compass with an anchor just below it. It even has smudge effects of water near the anchor and a multicolored smudge behind the compass to add contrast.


Retro objects have become quite popular tattoo themes these days, here we see a tattoo made with a unique melting watercolor effect. The tattoo is of an old manual camera and the artist has added plenty of effects which make it a truly spectacular piece of art.


A highly detailed work of art made into a tattoo, here we have a truly amazing tattoo of an electric bulb which is filled with violet water and a boat is sailing through it. The color themed used is making the bulb stand out and look realistic, the concept is fantastic and it even shows a small lighting bolt falling upon the boat.


A truly spectacular watercolor tattoo for men with a lot of detail, here we have a scenic tattoo of a ship and the sun setting behind it. The artist has added a lot of beautiful colors to make it stand out, the ship’s sails are made to look quite realistic and the splatter effect and adding to the overall appeal of the tattoo.


contemporary piece of art made into a staggering tattoo design, the artist has taken the popular triangle design and added plenty of other things to added meaning to it. The triangle contains a small sphere that represents the sky and stars with a circle outlined around it and a lot of beautiful bleeding colors.


Watercolor tattoos add a lot of emotion to an already good concept to create amazing designs, here we see a highly detailed tattoo of a compass used for navigation inked with multicolored smoke to add contrasts and a date tattooed just over it in roman figures which also look pretty elegant.


Double handed tattoos are becoming popular tattoos ideas lately, here we see a twin tattoo of a compass on one hand that is seen to be bleeding out blue color from one end. The other hand has a tattoo of a bumble bee in a similar sphere with fire trail coming from its tail.


A brilliant tattoo idea for men who want to have unique tattoos, here the artist has made used of a unique watercolor technique along with a tattoo of an exploding watch. The numbers are seen bleeding out from on side of the watch along with multicolored smoke and bleeding colors.


Abstract design are great for making tattoos as they seem mysterious because they don’t have any fixed meaning or design, her we have a similar tattoo where the artist has used the watercolor theme to create a unique flow of colors that may seem like flowers with unique smudges and splatters.


Face portrait tattoo have been quite popular in the past, now we have a similar face portrait tattoo made in the watercolored style, the tattoo is a redhead girl with colors flowing out of her mouth. The colors look like flower in the lower part of the tattoo and like smoke in the upper part.

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