Spanning one side of the upper body, this men’s tiki tattoo covers half of the chest, along with the shoulder and upper-arm. It uses all black ink, and a centralized circular tiki head featured prominently on the chest. Emanating from the circular tiki head are patterns of varying design, which help to provide texture and background for the central tiki head depiction.


This tiki tattoo concept for guys is a favorite for anyone who wants a lot of popping colors in their tattoo. It is quite a unique design, especially because it features a lot of light-blue tones which is somewhat rare given that most colored tiki tattoos use mostly red tones for the tiki eyes and detailing. This one uses light-blue for the eyes of the tiki head, and there is also light-blue used in the detailing around the tiki head. It also has red and pink flowers in the foreground, and green palm tree leaves in the upper background area.


Any guy who is interested in getting a tiki tattoo on their forearm is going to love this design, since it is featured prominently on the underside of the forearm. It uses a circular tiki head design in the center of the tattoo, and around the main tiki head there are rings of patterning to accent the overall design. This is a relatively smaller design, fitting neatly on the inner forearm and using only black ink with no color spots.


Some guys prefer to get their tiki tattoo done on their legs instead of the upper body, and this design is perfect for those individuals. The design goes on the calf and lower leg area of the body, extending down onto the foot as well. It uses all black ink and intricate patterning to create a tiki-themed texture that spans down toward the foot and connects to a kind of lizard looking design on the top of the foot.

This tiki tattoo design for men is one of the larger concepts overall, and it spans the entirety of the upper back area. This tattoo uses a large, centrally placed tiki head that is in the shape of a vertical oval. With large eyes and a grin made from abstract texturing, the tiki head is bisected vertically down the middle by a triangle-line design. Expanding out from the tiki head is more abstract patterning, and the entire design is composed of black ink with no coloration.


Using the upper-arm and shoulder area, this tiki tattoo concept is ideal for guys who want a fairly large tiki tattoo with only black ink used. This design features a tiki face with large and rounded eyes, and an austere facial expression suggesting peace and serenity. Around the central tiki face is complex patterning that extends down the upper-arm area, adding texture and volume to the design.


This tiki themed tattoo design is a fantastic one to consider for any guy who wants their tiki tattoo to be located on their shoulder and upper-arm. This tattoo is one that uses all black ink, and uses expanding rows of varying patterns to create the tiki/tribal look. There is also a small graphic representation of a tiki-man figure, helping to make clear the tiki theme of this men’s tattoo concept.


For a somewhat minimalist, and yet still intricately designed men’s tiki tattoo concept, this one could be the perfect option. Using one centrally located and vertically designed tiki depiction centered on the upper back area, there is a tiki face integrated in the middle of it with patterning extending out along this vertical design. On either side of the central tiki design, there are two curling and vertically spanning lines that also use detailed texture and patterning to add symmetry and volume to the design. The entire design is done in black ink and no coloration is used.


Using think, bold black ink and no coloration, this tiki tattoo concept for guys is designed to go on the shoulder and upper-arm area. Featuring a rounded tiki face on the shoulder, and another tiki face lower on the upper arm, this tattoo puts more focus on the actual tiki heads instead of only texture and patterning. There is also pattern texture used as well, separating the tiki heads on the shoulder and lower down on the upper-arm region.


This tiki tattoo concept for guys is going to be a great one to consider for those individuals who want more clearly defined design features and a more minimalistic theme. It uses a circular tiki head at the top of the design, with triangles ringing the design almost as though it is a depiction of the sun around the tiki head. The design extends down and tapers off, bringing more texture into the all-black ink design with no coloration used.

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