While some tiki tattoo creations for men use a large amount of color and animated design features, this one is more minimalistic and clean looking in a way. Using only black ink, this tattoo design creates a tiki head that uses small triangular ornamentation and other patterning inside the tiki head to give it texture. The tiki head is also sectioned by vertical and horizontal lines running through it, further adding visual appeal and giving it a more abstract look.


For guys who want a tiki themed tattoo with some color in it, but don’t want it to look like a rainbow, this one is perfect. It uses darker color tones like dark greens, darker yellow-golds, and red color for the eyes and chin detailing on the tiki head. The tiki head itself is bordered in dark green leaves, giving the tattoo some added color, texture, and clearly defined bordering.

This tiki tattoo concept is one that takes up a bit more space on the body, and is located on the shoulder, upper-arm, and chest area. Spanning this entire area of the upper body, this tattoo uses only black ink and is another one that has an emphasis on visual texture and patterning. Featuring a circular tiki head on the chest, that tiki head is surrounded by expanding black-ink patterns that expand the design.


For a men’s tiki tattoo concept that uses the sleeve tattoo format, this tattoo spans the entire length of one’s arm. Using intricate patterning and black ink only, this is another example of a tattoo that primarily focuses on visual texturing instead of a single tiki head animation. The contrasting bands of different patterns that make up this tattoo give it an understated, yet eye-catching and complex appearance.


For tattoo lovers who want a perfect tiki tattoo concept designed for men, this one is great because it uses symmetry and balance to create an overall design that is very attractive. The symmetry comes into play in the sense that on each lower leg, a tiki totem pole is tattooed vertically running down the lower leg. Each tiki totem pole features three similar tiki faces, lending a rough symmetry to the design.


This tiki tattoo concept for males is one that spans the upper chest, and wraps around the upper-arm and shoulder areas. It is a large tattoo, and one that uses a lot of black ink, with no coloration. On the chest is a kind of circular sun & moon design, with expanding patterns emanating out from the central circular design. This is another tiki tattoo that focuses on visual texture and patterning above all else.


Spanning the shoulder and upper-arm area, this men’s tiki tattoo design is more on the abstract side and features only black ink. On the shoulder there are four smaller circular designs, ringed by a circle of small triangles. The design continues down the upper-arm, including more textural patterns that give it a signature tiki-inspired, almost tribal appearance.


While there are many tiki tattoos ideas for men that use only black ink and textural patterning, this one is different from the rest because it also uses a lot of open space. This means that instead of filling everything in with solid black ink, this tiki tattoo leaves a lot of open space within the patterns and this helps to accentuate the intricate nature of the textural patterns. This design spans part of the upper chest, and wraps around the shoulder as well.


For guys who want a tiki tattoo that covers a large portion of their upper body, this design could be perfect. It spans across most of the upper chest, wraps around the shoulders, and acts as a dual full-sleeve tattoo design spanning the entirety of both arms. Very ink and time intensive, this is a tattoo design for the serious tiki tattoo enthusiast. With an array of incredibly complex and intricate textures and patterns, this tattoo will definitely be eye-catching.


This is a tiki tattoo concept intended for men that spans the entirety of the front torso, covering the abdominal region all the way through the chest area and up around the neck and shoulders. Not for the faint of heart, this tattoo is a serious project and it will look absolutely awesome once it is entirely finished. A smaller, circular tiki head is featured on the abdomen, and all around it is different texture and patterning in all black ink to give the tattoo an appealing background.

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