This is an oval tiki man tattoo that is drawn on the calf region. It illustrates the whole body of the tiki man which is well bordered in a circular shape. The rest of the tattoo incorporates the traditional patterns hence decorative.


This tattoo is drawn on the upper arm and extends over to the breast area. The black ink is very definitive and the rich and unique patterns in the tattoo makes it quite a master piece.


This is poker face version of the mythical tiki man. The gorging eyes are quite piercing and the shape of the mouth depicts anger hence a more modern version of the tiki man. The richness of color makes it stand out.


This tattoo covers the half part of the torso, from the neck down to the waist line. There is a lot color and detail in it which almost tells a story. The tiki man is at the fore front and everything else falls behind it.


This is one of the most thorough tattoos ideas with lots of color in it. The tattoo features the tiki mans face with bold shapes and colors to create a dramatic effect to it.


This tiki tattoo for men is especially eye-catching, since it features a lot of bright colors along with an animated type of design. This tiki tattoo is designed with a golden-brown tiki head, red-yellow eyes, and a large, toothy grin. In the foreground of the tattoo there are green leaves to add texture and color, and on top there is a red flame design against a blue background.


For a less colorful and more textural example of tiki tattoos for guys, this one is designed to use only black ink to create an appealing texture. In the center of the tattoo is a tiki face, and spiraling out around the centered tiki face is a varying pattern that gives the design visual complexity.


Coming up with the perfect tiki tattoo ideas for men is a painstaking process of artistry, and this tattoo encompasses all of the traditional tiki themes. For one, it features a tropical background of palm trees and island mountains, with a centrally placed tiki head that appears to be made from wood. This tiki figure has red eyes, and its tongue is sticking out as well. Along with the green leaves in the tattoo design, there is a lot of red-yellow background coloration as well.


This is one men’s tiki tattoo design in particular that fans of richly colorful tattoos will love. The tiki design in this tattoo is a bit more abstract, and it works in a tremendous amount of color and intricate lines. The tiki head is a bit more cartoonish on this tattoo, and the design features a mosaic of orange, blue, green, purple, and yellow colors to create a brilliant and vibrant design overall.


For a guy’s tiki tattoo design that is a little on the softer side, this design features depictions of pink flowers in addition to the central tiki head. This tiki head uses a brownish color for the actual tiki mask, and it has a small skull featured prominently at the forehead of the tiki. Out of the top of the tiki head is a sort of red-yellow flame, that almost looks like hair in a way, but is more accurately characterized as a flame design.

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