The creative 3D tattoo is drawn on the upper arm of a man. It features a grinning mono-eyed skull that is partly exposed. The skull is inside a tattered hood. Below it is a hand skeleton that is holding four ace cards.


The tattoo is drawn on the entire upper body. The main image is on the chest featuring a skeleton of the upper body of a person including a folded arm. There is a small skull on the shoulder and other decorations on the hands.


The tattoo covers the hand from the shoulder to the wrist on both sides. The upper arm is covered by a skull with a flower on the forehead. There is an eye with long lashes that is drawn on the elbow and other decorations on the remaining parts.


The colored tattoos are drawn on forearms of both hands. One hand features a woman face while the other features a skull. The skull is designed using flowers as eyes, zip as teeth and heart sign as the nose. They have lots of leafs too.


It is an owl image brilliantly designed using flowers. It is drawn on the forearm. A skull can be spotted in the stomach of the owl. The skull’s eyes are flowers, and it has a closed mouth with perfect teeth.


What a creative 3D tattoo drawn on the entire chest of a man. It features a big skull held with two hands. Other three hands tend to close the mouth and the eyes. There other two skulls on the ribs.


The beautiful tattoo is drawn on the upper arm. It features a skull with weird teeth and an open mouth. It is surrounded by fine decorations and an eye below it. The forehead of the skull has an arrow sign and some fine patterns.


The fantastic tattoo looks like a logo. The colored logo is drawn on the neck. The skull has a red flower on the forehead, some blue feathers on the sides and a spiral ribbon below it written, Joel. The skull lacks the lower jaw.


The gorgeous tattoo is drawn on the side of the neck up to the head. It features a skull with teeth and the mouth wide open. The skull is surrounded by lovely flowers and leafs. A flower is drawn on the back of the head.


It is a collection of tattoos that are drawn on the neck and the entire chest. The neck has fancy decorations while the chest features things like a human skull, microphone, wings and audio speakers. Man and a woman are joined by a heart and a cross.




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