This pair of skull tattoos idea is quite fun and quirky with a skull of a man and woman on each forearm. This is no ordinary skull but filled with decorative jewelry, attractive tiny figures, and embellishments. No wonder the skull-couple seems happy.


Mysteries of death and the night creature owl makes a perfect combination in this skull sleeve tattoo in black and white tones. The skull features dotwork and rich, grainy texture with long pointed teeth, complemented by a big rose and veined leaves.


One of the coolest tattoos strategically placed on the hand, such that it forms an awesome mask when placed over the face. The nose is rightfully centered and mouth with gritted teeth along with the square jaws are all lifelike.


A skull wearing a circlet crown with a cross on top gives off the impression of a strong and respected, true king. Playing cards and flowers surround the hollow bone in soft pink tones, showing a luxurious ambiance fit for royalty.


Unfinished yet looking utterly complete with unique beauty, this image forms part of half skull tattoos that graces the forearm. This skull shows only a portion of its face with mouth wide open and jaws dropped, suitable for finding its other half or embedded on the forearm of couples.


The skull tattoo is drawn in the whole forearm down to the back of the hand. It features some well-designed flowers in the entire length but at the end, on the back of the palm, a human skull is fitted craftily.


It is an awesome 3D tattoo occupying the entire upper arm from the shoulder to the elbow. The eyes and mouth holes are colored red, and it has some teeth remaining on it. The skull also has some 3D linings.


It is an amazing 3D skull tattoo design that occupies the entire upper arm and extends towards the chest. The upper arm is filled with a skull whose eyes and mouth holes are colored red and has some teeth left while the chest has a man’s portrait.


You may not know that it is a skull tattoo on your first sight. The skull is designed using drawings of leafs, diamonds, and other nice shapes. The black tattoo is drawn from the shoulder down to the entire upper arm.


The beautiful 3D tattoo is drawn around the shoulder. It features a skull that is grasping a rosary with its teeth. Below it, there is a big eye with sharp eyelashes. There are other drawings like a half-cut Italian clock and tree roots.

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